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In a previous article that I wrote (Source), I listed a detailed explanation of Kaijus that could/wouldn't appear in a Godzilla sequel, and an explanation as to why. We knew after the time of release that Godzilla would be getting sequels. But Comic Con gave us juicy information. Both a vocal and specific confirmation of Godzilla 2, as well as leaks to the Kaijus that would be appearing.

RODAN, MOTHRA, AND KING GHIDORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a HUGE deal for Godzilla fans, as it is a clear homage to one of the greatest Godzilla films ever made: Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.

Now time to move on from the confirmed facts to the speculation. In my previous article, I pointed out my reasoning why certain Kaijus would appear or wouldn't appear, based on the realism that the new Legendary Godzilla is setting. To my surprise, I was given both satisfaction and confusion. Here's my explanation why:


Rodan is probably, by far, the easiest Kaiju to implement in the new films. Next to Anguirus, who sadly was not named dropped for the sequel (But who knows, an easter egg/cameo is always possible). Not much can be done to change Rodan, other than physical appearance. Like Godzilla, Rodan is a prehistoric Kaiju. He is based on the Pteranodon. It's honestly as simple as merely adding him in, stating he survived the same way as Godzilla, and pit the two against each other. Not much further elaboration needs to go into this: Rodan is a perfect fit for the franchise.


King Ghidorah, I also predicted would fit into the new films. Though I dug a bit further into his explanation. Are we going to get a three headed golden dragon capable of standing toe to toe with The Alpha Predator himself? You bet your ass we are. Gareth Edwards is not going to mess this aspect up. But are we going to get the alien dragon that comes down with a meteorite? Or are we going to get a more earthly and natural incarnation of the Astro Kaiju? In my previous article, I explained "The concept of aliens just doesn't seem like a likely candidate of plot points for these films." It really seems like Gareth is grounding these films into a more realistic setting. Then again, if giant monsters can exist in a realistic world, why not aliens? Whether King Ghidorah stays true to his alien origins, or is slightly recreated to be a more Earthly villain, I care less. The core aspects of the Kaiju matter most to me: Three heads? Check. Golden color or along the same shade? Check. Capable of kicking Godzilla's ass and creating suspense? Check. Anything else is irrelevant to me.

Also something that a lot of people overlooked was during the teaser for Godzilla 2, when they named dropped King Ghidorah, something was off: There was no mention of Ghidorah's "King" namesake. Just Ghidorah. Was this for promotional intentions only? Or was this purposefully done? Simply removing the "King" from Ghidorah's name might just be nothing and I'm worrying over nothing. Or maybe dropping the "King" name is a sign that we are going to get a very under powered and nerfed version of Ghidorah for this film. Who knows? (It should also be noted that "King" was never used in both the American and Japanese title of the movie. "King" was only used in film. He was simply named Ghidorah for the film titles. Maybe this is paying homage to that?)


Mothra is the one Kaiju that is stumping me. I'm not upset by this, not even f*cking close! Seeing Mothra on screen is going to be a blast in the past. But how? Like before, I'll be referencing my previous article. I sadly put Mothra on some blast as to not being a likely candidate. I didn't flat out say no, but brought up some points as to why she maybe wouldn't or shouldn't:

"Originally, I wasn't about this idea. No offense to Mothra, but she didn't strike me as a Kaiju who could fit into the new vision of Godzilla's sense of realism. But once I saw the new movie, I immediately changed my mind. (Spoiler) The amount of insect and Mothra easter eggs, as well as the M.U.T.O.'s being insectoid-like creatures, showed me that maybe Mothra could be possible. My only fear would be the design. Mothra is supposed to be a very colorful and vibrant Kaiju, meant to reflect her heroic and beautiful nature. Would they capture this design? Would they change it and make Mothra look more gritty? I'm unsure. But honestly the curiosity is enough for me to want them to do Mothra. Just for the sake of seeing it and judging it."

That's pretty much my issue. I want Mothra. I'm glad I'm getting her. And Gareth has not done a single thing in the first film to disappoint me. But I can't help but worry about how a colorful and beautiful moth is going to fit with the gritty realism of Godzilla. Another point I want to add is "Are we going to get just the Larva form of Mothra like in the original film? Or are we going to get both/or just the adult form of Mothra?" So much speculation and so much wondering!


As far as the plot goes, like I listed above: Seeing all four of these monsters is very reminiscent of the film "Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster". The film first focused on Godzilla fighting Rodan, before King Ghidorah appeared to destroy the world. Mothra had to quell the anger of both Kaijus, and convince them to work as a team to fight off King Ghidorah. And human subplot...yadda yadda...Is Godzilla 2 going to be a remake of this film? Gareth has expressed interest in the past of doing a Destroy All Monsters film as well. Could this be a combination of the two films? Gareth Edwards did drop a hint at the introduction of the Godzilla 2 footage at SDCC 2014 "he said he didn't want those monster to get off that island". Maybe the island will be featured and we'll see cameos of other Kaijus.


Like Godzilla, all three of these Kaijus have powers. Unlike Godzilla, they all have the ability to fly (Unless you count Godzilla's flight in Godzilla vs. Hedorah). During the Godzilla film, we were shown not only his strength and endurance, as well as his atomic resistance, but we had the pleasure and glory to see his atomic Breath. But the other Kaijus?

  • King Ghidorah: King Ghidorah flies at the speed of Mach 3, is able to fire Gravity beams from his mouths, is able to create hurricane winds from his wings, and uses his necks to constrict an opponent. In the Showa series, he had the ability to generate what appeared to be magnetic fields. But they were stated to not be, and instead a "mysterious pulling power" connected to his powers.
  • Mothra: In larval form she may use her silken spray to wrap and immobilize an opponent, and she has strong mandibles for biting. In adult form she has powerful psychic abilities, and can use poisonous scales from her wings when flapping (But this is a last resort move). Like King Ghidorah, she can create hurricane winds from her wings. In later reiterations of her (Heisei era), she also has the ability to shoot energy beams from her antennas and wings. She is also known to have incredible bulk and resistances, trading body blows with Godzilla himself.
  • Rodan: Impressive speed and agility, capable of creating destructive shockwaves when flying, and can cause powerful winds while on the ground by simply flapping his wings. In Rodan's original film, he could could emit a blast of wind from his mouth. Though this is only used once. In later films Rodan becomes Fire Rodan and has the ability to emit a radioactive heat beam from his mouth called his uranium heat beam, after exposure to Godzilla and a radioactive waste disposal site. Rodan is also know to have high resistances, shown to resist both Godzilla's atomic breath and King Ghidorah's gravity beams.

Will we get all of these powers? Most likely not. But we will probably get very focused details of their characteristics: Rodan is focused heavily on his speed and flight, Mothra with her bulk and insect abilities, and King Ghirdorah with his strength, endurance, and probably some other form of energy blast from his mouths.

Also, a trilogy for the Legendary Godzilla franchise was confirmed. Meaning we will get a third film someday. What can we expect from that film? That is an article for a different day.....

What do you think? Comment below!!!


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