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Simply put this movie is not at all what it seems. The Lovely Molly Deception: Supernatural Meets Psychoanalysis Mk-Ultra.

Read between the lines of seeing symbolism (W) supernatural Free Masonry Magic & Mysticism. The Double Headed Horse parts of the 33 degree masonry symbols you will find in this film, as horrific as it may seem the symbolism is truth if you know your research cont. read..Looking on you tube, you can find videos marking Satanic occult magic worshiping.

Even the most prominent devil worshiper will tell you the point in satanic ritual is to worship symbolism, in music,movies,photographs, and commercials. The point is to connect the collective consciousness who are unaware to submit themselves to the devil. The events take place in movies. Just like Lovely Molly you will witness moments like this throughout the entire film.

Molly is a reward to some who understand the events that take place in this film. The Sheep Vs The Wolf. Is a western mind-set that many who live in the modern world today have become more apparent due to commercials, reality shows, and internet. Their are more boys who prey on the willingness of the sheep women, and this is the apparent reveal in this movie.

Wolves take pride in what they hunt down, but don't get me wrong I'm not saying the wolf creature itself is evil, just the symbolism these occult worshipers use in common factors such as the movies.

Once you open your mind to the world of symbolism is the first step, in understanding. Follow deeper down the rabbit hole you will uncover many rocks unturned in your mind and in this movie. "A great scene" to expose to support this fact is the moment where you see Molly a willing human being, is forcibly raped by a demonic entity that takes form of her father which you will learn more about in later scenes.

Most people may think oh she is just crazy. Or others will suggest she is right and she is being manipulated by demonic forces. My thoughts are clear and sound she is def all of the above nutty, but what she is experiencing is nothing short than a regressing moment of realizing she is tapping into her monarch suppressed emotions in her mind. For some mind-control victims realizing the truth is a difficult idea to grasp, and hardly comes to surface, but as she realizes her own sanity, at times you will notice Molly coming in and out of her battle with Mind Control & her own human freedom.

Which most satanic rituals will suggest a dark passenger accompanying many innocent light spirits here on earth in order to manipulate them into submission. So when your reading,listening, or watching a movie or this movie. Keep in mind majority of the symbolism or sounds you are feeling someone in an occult has probably expressed their opinion or simply gave you a sneak peek into the window of deception.

Paranormal Activity, is a great catalyst that as well supports these common dark phenomena to occur always through the blood line of family, these dark passengers leech off of mediums or children who have been abused, or in the pathway of persons who have experienced past abuse through the history of family.

Occult signs are common and happen over and over in recurrent media, temples, and in the money we use.


Molly Written and directed by Eduardo Sánchez (The Creator Blair Witch Project), Lovely Molly comes with a psychological-twist and a certain amount of expectation; the trailer claims that the film "re-defines horror", which is a pretty bold statement *(one I laughed for about 3 minutes ) I swear critics can sometimes be a little overstating. to use the word "re-define" in a year when movies like The Haunting in Connecticut & Cabin In The Woods, also claimed to do the same thing, not knocking down the incredible (Joss Whedon) Cabin in the woods to me was definitely more disturbing and supernatural compared to most Sunny dale horror films who failed to get it right.

The real Question I ask myself is what was this movie really about? After watching and re-watching the trailer and movie.

It seemed to me that the writers/directors were going for something more timid, and uncomfortable, slightly horror supernatural, like a paranormal activity film or Amity ville horror, and slightly under toned with a glimpse into alpha-beta sound waves, that corral down your spine, and jab inside your brain in most scenes where the supernatural intensity in the film builds up.

The film was smart, leaving you very little to go on but just enough background to get you started to understand each well written character.

But if you have little knowledge on poltergeist, mind control or ghosts, you may feel a little left out and missing some crucial moments in the movie that don't make sense but do so if you did your research. It's a harrowing tale of immense proportions if you know your conspiracy then you will know the golden brick road towards Alice and wonderland Mk-Ultra abuse.

With the tag line above the movie title on my blue-ray copy of lovely molly "Creators of Blair Witch" was shown, immediately I go supernatural, conspiracy. At least something on the verge of scary. I didn't even waist the time in second guessing my gut feeling. I immediately scream quiet gasps inside my stomach.

What was I really searching for when watching this movie? Was the girl crazy? or was she abused as a child by supernatural spirits, or a spirit in the form of her father? Or was the real message trying to say to movie watchers that their was more to this film that meets the eye, was the real message that Molly & her sister both MK-Ultra victims (Which in lies my title of this publication the molly deception).

The deception that I'm trying to explain in this film is that, molly and her younger sibling Hannah were victims of MK-ultra mind control abuse. Their father was clearly a handler of some sorts, and the mother unaware of what's happening the mom is clearly a victim as well or a participant that I leave to other fans to do their own research to figure out.

Who is the father? you only see pictures of him they really don't explain what he did or who he was. Just that molly and her dad didn't get along much.
Is the father abusing them as children leading to these upcoming events that took place in the house, after the surprised death of the father, and the out of nowhere situation where the mother finds molly as a little girl buried underground in the part of the house, to the fans shock she lived.

To my shock little molly was left with a void in her mind, what was she doing buried in the ground? & why wasn't nobody in the family or county trying to explain the psychological traumatic event she experienced.

But the question still remains? Why a father would torment their own daughter in life and the after-life as a spirit is questioned throughout the film.. Why was their only video of the mother, and daughter but not of both the little girls? kind of makes you think that molly little sister was a little neglected, and left out as a child. The questions of the relationship between molly and the rest of the family was a recurrent theme barely explained.

(A little background of the movie)

Molly (Gretchen Lodge) and Tim (Johnny Lewis) are a pair of young newlyweds who have moved into Molly’s childhood home after the death of her father. A series of strange events trigger some painful childhood memories for Molly and she starts to believe she is being haunted by the ghost of her father. Tim works as a truck driver and is away from home a lot, so with nobody else at home to help her Molly’s old drugs habit starts to rear its head and she starts to physically and mentally deteriorate in front of her sister Hannah (Alexandra Holden), her Pastor and her boss, but is Molly’s state of mind down to her drug use or are more sinister forces at work?

Although it is steeped in what are fast becoming modern horror clichés (handheld camera shots, staying in the house even though it’s obviously the problem, open-ended climax, etc.)

The movie throws you in array of questionable moments, like who is the person spying on Molly, and her mom in flash back camera footage? why is their a little girl humming a song while tracing around the house grounds, finding an old abandoned cult-relic totem of a horse head underground the house.
"Which is later located as one of the back rooms inside the home" another Easter egg if you know your research clearly horses head are signs of some cult-like devil worship, and normally devil worship is associated with MK-Ultra.

Expressing the performances and the relationship between the two sisters.
(Alpha & Omega))

Lovely Molly has a few things going for it, namely some excellent performances from the leads and a wonderfully believable ‘real world’ setting. But it lacks in convincing that molly is being spooked by supernatural forces.
The film is fairly slow to start giving you what you want but despite the sluggish pace it establishes the characters and their situation very well, and by the time the proverbial starts hitting the fan you really start to feel for Molly.
Gretchen Lodge does a superb job as the troubled Molly, a tragic and complex character with a dark past that involves drugs and possible abuse, and has an endearing screen presence reminiscent of a younger Cameron Diaz.

Alexandra Holden as Molly’s sister Hannah, who may have some secrets of her own, also does a sterling job as the only person who can offer any sort of help.
As the film moves into its second act the brooding atmosphere is pumped up a little and certain revelations come to light, building in tension and leading to what looks to be a powerful conclusion.

But… It really doesn't, your left to hang from off a cliff with no harness to help guide you to safety. The plaguing questions keep surfacing throughout the film, who is the ghost?

Molly and her sister share, some credible life changing habits, that I would point out; leading them both down a spiraling stair case of life changing experiences, they were both pposite sisters that attracted throughout this film, one being Yin the more dominant, understanding, charismatic I would suggest this was molly but later you find out it's none of the above, it's the pot-smoking, neurotic sister who was kind of more in control in the film, she had a family, probably not picture perfect but it's shown as she gotten her life in some what order together.

They both worked at the same store. They both had a drug addiction. If you pay attention in the scene where molly has a birthday and their smoking pot, how guilty Hannah feels when offering that joint to molly. Showed a sign of familiar consequence both sisters held in past, like a glimpse into the obvious that they regretted something or at least Hannah did. Maybe she felt guilty for molly drug addiction in the first place.

Despite the negatives-positives that Lovely Molly has going for it The parts that don't fool me. Are the scenes in act 2.

When everything seems to be explained that she is being tormented by a spirit like thug. . . Their was a scene "when molly is laying in her old bed room as a child" You hear audible sounds as if someone tuned the frequency from alpha to beta sounds very high frequency.

In this moment as the audience watcher I was trying to calm my brain but my body was disconnected from the movie and real time traumatic feelings began to grow inside, as if I was one of the family members who have been deeply abused as a child, with mind altering sound waves, and quite questionable trauma events "Such as monarch mind control " began to surface.

"In this scene as molly is sleeping" She hears voices calling out to her, and sounds of distress from a distance begin to grow. "Molly" ventures off throughout the house to figure out what these sounds where, and this situation recurs twice in the film.

Molly Connection: The house & her consciousness

The first outcome when hearing these sounds, she gets loud bangs at the back door as if someone was trying to break in, but when she looked outside their was nobody out by the door.

The second was when she looked into the closet and heard what later would be explained as voices from her mother screaming I would suggest her father was beating her mother, and molly would pick up on this energy in real time.
Meaning she was a little clairvoyant, or molly is trying to regress suppressed memories through feelings and emotional contact with objects inside the house...Meaning her bedroom was a reminder that brought up these audible distress signals. Which would explain every time she would sleep is the most time she would receive these post traumatic events, and the demon like spirit who is harassing her throughout the film.

The Butterfly Effect: MONARCH Butterfly.

Repeat after, Repeat, you will love the signs you see in lovely molly.
If you know your research on MK-Ultra then you would know the infamous Monarch butterfly it's a signature symbolism that is used as a tattoo or a label to identify who has been victimized or abused. In this movie you noticed on the cover of the box cover this same symbolism between the two words of the title. Lovely & Molly.

If you have bought the blu-ray or dvd you could see the holographic eyes on molly where it goes from normal to showing two monarch butterflies or moths. Either way the symbolism still stands, why as a supernatural horror do movies like this always like to express conspiratorial elements that most people unless trained don't really know.

The fun connection is at the end of the film: Look at what Hannah is doing. She finds a photo album, after looking through the pages, she sees photos of her dad, but it's not her dad, it's the horses head copied and pasted on top of it. Hmm what does that mean? I feel it's the trigger switch event that is taking place with Hannah closely associated with MK-ultra victims when they are forced to perform acts in which they do not remember or can control.

Retrace your steps to the second time Molly is having a regressed moment earlier in the film, going back to the bedroom she is sleeping in hearing the sounds of her mother screaming. "Molly is seen twiddling her fingers" later at the end of the film "Hannah" is seen twiddling with her hands and fingers inside the closet door of their parents bedroom same as molly earlier.

I feel molly traumatic hypnosis is triggered from the house, she has more of an emotional tie to the house more so than her sister Hannah. So when you watch at the end of the film all her ridiculous rants, and her crazy animal like behavior you noticed it only happens more so when she is in the house.
In my opinion this is the moment where all the trauma began with the mother first, and then the children later.

Dedicated to the mainstream movie goers.

if you want to find out more just what the movie was all about you have to go to the special features menu to watch four separate features that focus on what leads Molly to do the things she does, or if you really want to do a bit of research you can go to the website for more of what the film doesn’t give you. Whichever method you choose the end result is still the same. Questions that never get answered, some horse-related occult imagery that has no grounding or bearing on anything you see or hear in the film and a great deal of frustration at having to seek information elsewhere.


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