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Interstellar is my most anticipated film of the year. Every Christopher Nolan film is unique and layered, with a personal emotional core grounding the sheer spectacle. But more importantly almost every recent Nolan project is ambitious and has an epic scale to them, be it TDK trilogy or Inception.

And the cast is brimming with award winning talent. Academy award winner Matthew McConaughey is leading the ensemble which includes Academy award winners Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway. Jessica Chastain, another academy award nominee is apparently playing an important supporting role. It's releasing in November, obviously close to the awards season, so will it finally be Nolan's year as the Oscars?

Matthew McConaughey has said at Comic Con that Interstellar is Nolan's most ambitious project yet

That line just sent the chills down my spine!

Nolan is famously a very secretive film-maker who goes great lengths to maintain the mystery behind his movies. The new trailer is proof of that, it divulges enough to tell us what the story is about, but gives absolutely no hint about the journey itself.

The [Interstellar](movie:813746) trailer was perfect, giving tidbits of information and make you want more. It has a poetic flow & cosmic visual imagery that really evokes 2001: A space Odyssey which is unsurprising as Nolan revealed it to be one of his influences for this movie ! Yes guys we are going to witness a space adventure!

You can watch the trailer at the official Interstellar site at this url - But in true Nolan fashion you will require to enter the code 7201969 which is the date of Apollo Space mission (20th July 1969!) to view it!

I am not going to reveal anything about it here since the trailer is an experience in itself and you should absolutely check it out!

UPDATE: Or you could just watch trailer below!


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