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I couldn't think of any headline as of this moment so... Happy Batman Month ? ?

I know everybody's been going crazy over Guardians Of The Galaxy, but don't you worry. My review for that is coming up tomorrow, I just have to get this one done first. Because Batman, that's why.

Batman Assault On Arkham serves as the fine line that would connect WB Montreal's Batman: Arkahm Origins and Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum, the two entries of the best selling and critically acclaimed Arkham video game franchise.

Let me just say this right off the bat, if you're a parent and you want to celebrate Batman's 75 years of existence by watching this film with your little kids and conservative family members and friends then you might want to reconsider or just watch Son of Batman. You can probably say that the violence maybe just as absurd as Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox's and this most likely the most sexual out of all the DC Animated Movies.

Harley has this itch that we got to see scratched, well at least a glimpse of it. Besides it's not just her goodies that we get to have peek at.

For the most part this is a Suicide Squad film, with almost 80% of the film focuses on the most dangerous assassins put together as expendable assets to do the governments' dirty work. Deadshot (voiced by Neal McDonough) is the most fleshed out of all the Squad members. Serving as their leader the character has surprising shown strong personality and commanding presence that was rarely explored in every other medium than comics that the character has appeared on.

Harley Quinn is as adorable, cute and crazy as we remember her. The voice acting of this character still hits the mark even though it's not Tara Strong or Arleen Sorkin.

Surprisingly, the other Squad members have showed character as well even in a small amount of time. Their's some great chemistry here and there. but at times some do fall under the shadow once their functionality is done.

For a Batman film, it;s very surprising to see Batman become a supporting character in his own film. He's like Godzilla from this year's Godzilla, his presence is calculated and for the most part his only there when he needs to be. But make no mistake, his gets to kick a lot of asses here and there.

What I would find off about this film is the tone. It's like the writers and the directors have set two different tones for the Suicide Squad and Batman and they just don't mash as neat as it should. Maybe it's the dubsteb music that didn't help, and I don't hate dubstep. But with an hour and twenty minutes time frame, it's understandable. The action by the way, is so badass. It keeps getting better as the film goes on and it ends with a bang.

There are some voice actors from the video games that has returned to reprise their roles in this film and fans of the video game can rejoice by hearing them. The animation is top notch, they did their best to copy Carlos D'Anda's design and to their credit they did a good job on that.

Batman: Assault On Arkham is unapologetic, energetic and simply a fun roller coaster. A good way to end from DC Animation.


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