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Wouldn't you know it?

Just when things were starting to look up for our ragtag team of Guardians, a mad, homicidal Titan just has to appear...

Now, in fairness, we all knew that was coming - what with Josh Brolin having been cast in the part, and Thanos, y'know, obviously being in the movie - but all the same, that is very much not a face overflowing with hidden depths of benevolence.

Yup, Thanos is on his way, and he clearly has other things on his mind than peace, love and understanding.

The bigger question, then, is how he's looking these days.

After all, it's been a few years since we last got a good look at him:

So, the brand new, Guardians of the Galaxy-fied Thanos? Pretty much the same as the old Thanos.

But how does he (blurrily) compare to the comics?

Well, the chin is very much in tact - and the healthy, purple skin tone is alive and well - but it's not the most straightforwardly faithful adaptation there's ever been. His face is a little less squat - more elongated - and the ridges a little more Skrull-like than they've usually appeared in the comics. Plus, the armor is definitely a more modern design than a lot of us are used to (though one that syncs up nicely with Ronan the Accuser's, it seems).

All in all, it's definitely Thanos - but it's not quite this Thanos:

  Though, really, what is?
Though, really, what is?

Whether that's a good thing, though, is a whole other question...

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is out August 1, 2014. Otherwise known as tomorrow.


What do you guys think? How does this new movie Thanos compare to the original?



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