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AMC has released some official production images of the flesh-eating walkers set to terrorize Rick and the gang in The Walking Dead Season 5. We've been promised that the undead in this season will be even more decomposed and rancid that those seen previously. From the look of the nasty guys below, FX guru Greg Nicotero has once again proven he's the master of the macabre.

Check 'em out:

It's really interesting to see how the walkers on the show have evolved - or should I say decomposed? - since Season 1. You can visibly see their flesh rot and putrefy as time has passed.

Below you will find images depicting the evolution of the Walking Dead zombie. But I must warn you: scenes of extreme decomposition, nastiness and bad hair are about to follow:

Season One

Compared to the latest incarnations, the walkers in the beginning looked positively healthy and flushed with color. However, they were still prone to bite your face off at a moments notice:

  Shoot her!
Shoot her!

Season Two

The season 2 zombie showed more decaying of the skin and flesh but still had hints of a human skin color. Clothes were still in decent condition, especially denim, which never goes out of fashion:

You talkin' to me?
You talkin' to me?

Season Three

Fun fact: decomposition of skin exposes grotesque muscles and tendons. Soft tissue around mouth also gone, while clothes have decayed to such an extent they would no longer even been worn by a hipster in an organic Kopi Luwak coffee shop owned by Wes Anderson.

Season Four

Moss might not grow on a rolling stone, but it goes ape-shit on a downed walker - although at this point it should probably be called a 'lurker' or perhaps a 'sloucher'.

The good thing about walkers, is no matter how butt-ugly and decomposed they might be, they all die the same - and it's hella satisfying.


Which walker would you most like to shoot in the face?

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