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Now it's immediately clear why Orlando Bloom was armed with a bow and arrow in Lord of the Rings instead of having to rely upon more hand-to-hand combat methods...

Just yesterday, I was getting ready to screen-print Blooms face on bunting for having a swing at pop's most irritating pustule, but now I think the 37-year-old actor gets a D minus for effort.

Footage of Bloom and Bieber's altercation in Ibiza has surfaced and the attempted 'punch' has been immortalized forever. Alas, this isn't one Orlando will be proudly showing his grand kids.

You'll know what I mean when you check out the footage below;

Despite taking ground so low that he is practically tunneling underground, Bieber is definitely providing the most entertainment in this battle.

After posting a photo or Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr (and then swiftly deleting it), Bieber has adorned his Instagram photo or Orlando Bloom 'crying' over his 'defeat':

It's late on Friday afternoon, so I might be malfunctioning, but I think I might be starting to like Bieber just a tinnnnnny bit.

Shameless audacity like this gives us gossip writers something to sink our teeth into, and when Bieber isn't ripping on the innocent general public, his brash and childish approach is kind of hilarious.

But, not as hilarious/terrifying as the Beliebers. I'm sorry, but I have to share some of the best Instagram comments on Bloom vs Biebz with you guys. You're welcome!

In Biebz's corner we have;

  • You are my life♥ Orlando is a bitch and stupid. I love you
  • Bloom go fuck your mom
  • Yall better leave justin alone its his fuckin insta he can post all he want so stfu everyone... and leave him the fuck alone, y'all just wish u were him and if yall hatin! then just unfollow sweethearts!!!!

and in Bloom's corner we have;

  • Justin you are so immature. How low can you go, you deserved that punch for being a prick
  • Loool justin is an immature skinny brat who thinks he is the shit. U can tell by the facial exprsssions. N dont evn get me started on that fluff he calls facial hair. Biggest dellusional idiot I ever seen
  • people wouldint hate on justin so much if he wasint an asshole? Who does this kind of things?? He goes around and fuckes married womens and things thats he is something, how do u thin Orlando feels when this little shit is going around and thinking that he owns the world, justins should get a big smack in his face..
  • Bieber you're a bitch

Ah, humanity <3


Whose team are you on?

(Source: Jezebel)


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