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This year's Saturday at SDCC was a good day for True Blood fans, who got the chance to meet some of the stars of the HBO show, including Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Sadly, Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Nordic vampire Eric on the show, wasn't in attendance... But that didn't mean the cast couldn't reflect on the last seven years of the HBO show - rather tearfully!

Executive producer Brian Buckner was also in attendance, and hinted at Sookie and Bill's relationship, which has been at the forefront of the last run of episodes. He revealed:

It's not done changing, it’s not gonna slow down any, there’s just a bit more focus on romance… We put last season's issue to rest early on purpose. We know you love these characters, so we landed them in a place where we hope you guys will be okay not with getting them anymore.

Take a look at this True Blood video, titled "In The Weeks Ahead", and see if you like the look of what's to come, romantically:

There may be "more romance" ahead, but there goes my personal hopes for an actual relationship developing between Sookie and Eric... I only wish now that they give Eric a proper exit from the show - a meaningful scene!

The end is near for Bon Temps. What are your hopes for the final season of True Blood?


Will you be sad to see True Blood go after Season 7?

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