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I love Disney films - even as an adult they never fail to transport me to another time and place. Sometimes though, my adult brain interferes. What about the MATH of it all? The SCIENCE?

Luckily for me, some enquiring minds over at Reddit also questioned some of our most loved films and have come up with some crazy answers!


Aladdin (1992)

What's it about? A street urchin named Aladdin meets and falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine. There's also a loveable monkey friend, a genie and an evil guy thrown in the mix to keep things interesting.

So what's the problem? Surprisingly, My main issue with Aladdin is not the huge, blue Genie, but the possibility of the speedy magic carpet ride.

While Aladdin and Jasmine take their romantic ride together they somehow manage to travel from Cairo to Athens in under one second. That's around 1100 kilometers!! Travelling that far at such speed would apply around 99 million newtons of force!

So...even if Aladdin and Jasmine could manage to hold onto the carpet, their skin should have been torn from their bones. Hmm, suddenly that's not sounding so romantic...


101 Dalmatians (1961)

What's it about?: Pongo and Perdita have their 15 puppies stolen by the evil Cruella De Vil who plans to make a dog-skin fur coat from them.

So what's the problem?: Is it just me or did anyone else wonder if 99 tiny puppies would have enough fur to make a decent coat?

Assuming Cruella De Vil is a woman about 5'4" tall with a small waist, she would need 3.87m2 of material to make a coat. Using the fur from just the body of a 11-12 week old puppy would give us an area of 0.13336 m2 per dalmatian.

This means, assuming she wanted the coat lined, Cruella De Vil only needed 59 puppies for a coat - meaning she kidnapped 40 extra puppies needlessly!

Or maybe she just wanted them for a puppy fur hat, scarf and glove set?


Frozen (2013)

What's it about? Princess Anna sets off to find her sister, Queen Elsa who has accidentally trapped the Kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter with her magical powers.

So what's the problem? At Elsa's coronation she panics and manages to freeze the whole kingdom. But just how much energy would Elsa's powers need to have to freeze Arendelle?

Apparently the total mass of ice that covered Arendelle was approximately 109176.45 tons of ice. If an engine was required to freeze that much ice, the total work required would be 5,800,000,000,000,000 Joules.

That's the equivalent of the energy of 115 nuclear bombs! WOW! Elsa is NOT to be messed with...


The Lion King (1994)

What's it about?: Lion cub Simba is tricked into believing he caused his fathers death and flees into exile.

So what's the problem?: While living with Timon and Pumbaa it's implied that Simba survived living off bugs alone until he rejoins the pride as an adult. But if he's not eating meat, then how many tiny bugs would Simba have to munch each day to be able to grow in to a health adult lion?!

An adult lion needs about 7kg (15lbs) of meat per day. Meat has around 250 Calories per 100 grams (3.5 ounces), so in total he needs 17,500 Calories every day. By comparison a mealworm has around 135 Calories per 100 grams - approximately half as much energy as meat.

So as an adult, Simba would need to eat 13kg (28.66lbs) or around 220,000 mealworms every day!!

YUCK, no wonder he went back to the pride!


I can't believe some of those results! And now you all know exactly how many puppies you'll need to make this winters most fashionable coat...You're welcome?



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