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The young madden, the boy in turmoil, misspent youth, misunderstood. The months have gone bye, since the "cold smelt" tear of gun powder penetrated the young boy chest of "Carl Grimes". Since then in my observation the boy has not been the same. "Overcoming the obstacles" of life and death time and time again.

The young protestant child of the senior grimes, young Carl is definitely a testimate to the younger youth, that if you live in a world of no holds-bounds and a uncharismatic mannerism, you can thrive to survive if only your lucky enough not to be accidentally shot in the chest, or run over by a mob of walkers. With the only pistol 9mm by your side that beams as your guiding light towards destiny, Carl is judge and jury a man of his own kind, a lone ranger.

For me the beginning of this origins came to me when, after [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 3 he killed that young boy in the woods after the rest of the group was fleeing all over the prison grounds.

Reasons why is only one because everyone seems to underestimate Carl grimes intentions. For me if I had a boy in a zombie apocalypse I would yes want him to be empathetic but at the same time a man who understands making real decisions, they may not be perfect or looked at by others as "sound" but methodical, reasonable, and tactful.

To me who knows if that kid he shot was a sin or a saint, to me how I viewed it all, it was the choice Carl had to make. Or a promise would have been broken, that he had made with his father in the barnyard of season 2 walking dead. "Rick grimes talking with this son" your not a boy anymore, your a man now. So as a man may not to be perfect decision maker or moral but it's a decision a hard one none the less, as a young man each and everyone of us has to make.

Carl grimes is defined by fans earlier on as the irritating battle born. Like the young boy you love to cuddle but at the same time want to beat on the bottom with a wooden paddle for his defiant behavior at times.

Yes he may be young, and at times brash but he definitely is resourceful and useful. If you need a good hiding spot to find, Carl could probably find it for you, and if your in need of a damned in distress but filled with a courage heart, to hopefully get out of a tight jam at the last second, then Carl grimes is your guy.

With all joking and labeling aside, I just really feel young Carl is def resourceful. Most would deny his defiant behavior as being arrogant and a pain. I take it as that is his definitive attitude to understand in his own young boy way in turn for which he can learn true key examples, and gain experiences on his own as a young man.

Like a young man trapped in a little boy body, we all at a time felt like young boy Carl. Just all a bunch of dreamers trying to figure out manly responsibility.

His actions are questionable and most the time people blame him for the death of dale, but what are you going to do when your young, and aspiring towards a responsible role. His father Rick Grimes was the lead sheriff of the group, so I can understand Carl feeling like he had a lot to live up to.

When your young, and always being told what to do, after a while your usefulness is questioned, and your wondering if your contributing if anything to the cause.

Carl was always from my observation always at a unbalanced totem with his father,mother and the rest of the group only for his UN-resourcefullness as a young youth. Never meeting anyone else expectations.

In that sense he always had something to prove. Ergo the brash decisions he would make, the flea attempts to go out on these journey's by himself, with his pistol at his side he was trying to be his own man, and always stating in moments time and time again, I'm not a kid, I'm not a kid, I'm not a kid.

When I was kid if I said something in threes it would only mean take me serious or worry for the consequence.

In this moment titled; Carl Origin Story: I am expressing just the mere factoids that with all that Carl grimes has succumb. He is ready for his own journey through life, and manhood to be the possible leader in later seasons of the walking dead, or become the trump card that falls to his own demise like the Governor did when trying to keep his people safe.

"Remembering the loss of the GOV eye" is a light example to Carl if he doesn't listen to his elders he could end up like him.

I'm sure most would agree with me their was a time when the GOV was a good guy, but I'm sure after the loss of his closed loved ones, in reflection to the many zombie heads he kept in his aquarium, was just one of the signs of his distress and dysfunction with reality and himself. A quite possible scenario that could happen with young Carl if he is not careful.

Carl has the gun, the heart, the bravery, but without the guidance his origins story will never begin, and without using smart tactics like Michonne he will eventually end up, like a one eyed bandit alone...Kind of similar to the comic book story.

"Which makes me wonder" If Robert Kirkman would ever do that to a young Carl grimes. Losing the right eye...

Season 7 Episode 1: Mark The Truth. Origins Story: Carl loses his right eye, and becomes more hateful and alone leaving him to journey with Beth, and some other group in order to become his own man, but eventually becoming what he thought he would never become...The hated hunter.

  Carl Grimes holding the pistol til death do we part
Carl Grimes holding the pistol til death do we part

  Carl Grimes Figuring existence origins genesis
Carl Grimes Figuring existence origins genesis

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