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After all the trailers, all of the hyper and excitement, the most unorthodox superhero movie of the year has finally arrived. And it has not let us down, and to support that statement, I will be doing an in depth review of this movie, and do not worry, its a non-spoiler review, so don't worry.


Lets start with the cast of this movie, in the group is Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, VIn Deisel, and Batista. And all of the actors killed it in their roles, Chris Pratt conveys a very convincing Hustler, with the space adventure, he reminds me of a young Han Solo! Zoe Saldana and VIn Deisel also produce memorable but the one that stole all the scenes he was in was Bradley Coopers Rocket, he was everything I expected him to be, tormented and angry, but witty at the same time. Bautista to me was probably the one that felt a bit plain, but nevertheless he did not detract from the movie for me. Lee Pace played a very villainous role in this film.

Also, we get a really awesome look at Josh Brolins Thanos, only in for a few scenes, but those were very memorable! Which sadly makes Ronan a secondary characters, and then simply asserted as the right-hand man!


Obviously, this movie is the origin story of all the Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy aiming to defeat Ronan the Accuser. And when they meet, they end up clashing due to strong personalities, this shows a sense of reality in this fictional galaxy, which helps engage the audience. And most of the members back stories helped them relate to each other and add a small involvement into the plot. And also there was a necessary level of emotion including humor, despair and great character development, all the qualities of a good film.

Level of Action

If there is two things we get from the trailers of this films, is that Rocket is bad-ass, and there will be a high tempo action, and we got both of them! The actions in this movie was intense in a number of parts in the movie and the visuals were stunning to say the least, especially in the final third of the movie.


Overall this movie was a very solid, great acting, excellent characters, good plot and very exciting action scenes, however this is not the best marvel movie, nor the best superhero film of the year, but if you like Star Wars, Star Trek or any other Superhero films, then I highly recommend this movie.

Cannot wait for the sequel!

8/10 for me.


What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy?


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