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Rob Zombie did an interview with Rolling Stone revealing his "big news" that we were told was coming earlier in the week. As it turns out, today (Thursday, July 31st), Rob Zombie launched a crowdfunding campaign on his new site RZ-31 HERE, and is offering up prizes that "he knows his fans will want". All you have to do is go to the site and donate some of your hard earned cash to help get his movie going. However, he's not using the typical platforms for crowdfunding such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which is interesting.

"People have come up to me over the years and asked, 'How can I get these props?' 'How can I come to the set?'" he tells Rolling Stone. "So I realized a crowdfunding campaign is not a guy on a street corner with a hat asking for money."

The crowdfunding campaign will be continuing over the next two months, and if you're willing to donate some money to help make 31 happen, there's a lot of good quality items that will be given out.

"The director is offering up a variety of high-quality rewards to people who want to support the movie, including autographed posters, a chance for Zombie to follow a winner on Twitter, a winner's name in the credits, a lifetime laminate to see Zombie on tour at any show and a gig as an extra in 31. Zombie will also offer selected props from his movies, including Halloween masks and giant crosses from House of 1000 Corpses."

However, Rob said that he thinks the coolest thing about the crowdfunding campaign is that you get to have your name in the credits. But if you ask me, I find it a bit arrogant and audacious that one of the prizes is that you get followed on Twitter. You have to donate cash to help fund his movie in order for him to show some fan appreciation?

But in addition to the crowdfunding and prize-winning news, the plot of 31 was revealed!

The movie tells the story of five people kidnapped in the five days leading up to Halloween and how they must fight to survive in a place called Murder World playing the game "31." The game's rules require the kidnapped person to kill his or her opponent – a group of clowns called "the heads" – in 12 hours to be freed.
"I've noticed with all of the movies I've made that so many people get tattoos from the movie," Zombie explains. "When you love something so much, you just want to be a part of it. And that's what I think about this crowd-funding campaign – you can be a part of it."

And, on Zombie's new site there's some more concept art that hasn't been revealed until just now!

  Artwork by Alex Horley
Artwork by Alex Horley

  Artwork by Alex Horley
Artwork by Alex Horley

Zombie also discusses his inspiration behind 31, his fear of clowns, how 31 will be "gritty", and his upcoming album that he's working on right now. You can read the Rolling Stone interview in its entirety HERE.

You can also check out Zombie discussing 31 on Eugene's Entertainment Report!

If you missed the previous concept art released from 31, click HERE and HERE.

Will you be participating the crowdfunding of 31 to potentially win a sweet prize? Which of the prizes offered are you the most interested in?



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