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Last week, I had a bit of a freak out about the [Tremors Reboot](movie:2132158)/remake/sequel rumor - and I also prayed to the tentacled ones that it wasn't actually going to happen and that Universal was being punked.

It looks like I was dead wrong and I should just sacrifice myself to the almighty Sarlacc because some campaign promises have been made and casting has begun!

  Le sigh.
Le sigh.

It's now been confirmed (as much as Hollywood confirms things) that Michael Gross will RETURN to the franchise as fan favorite Burt Gummer - who is really a dusty Quint with a bit more crazy splashed on for good measure.

TREMORS 5 is currently casting for a September filming kick-off in South Africa.

With The Gummer confirmed, who else should return to Graboid country?

Someone page Kevin Bacon...he seems to be in everything these days!

C'mon, Kevin...come back to Perfection, ain't perfect without you.

  Liar! You love it!
Liar! You love it!

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