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Once again we get to ponder the direction of an fifth Indiana Jones film and make our own choices. But first, let's once again look back to the previous polls. Before I take a look, please note that very few people actually voted, despite the actual post receiving many views, so results are subject to change, but I will not be.

First, we decided to take the path less traveled and opted instead for an Action-Horror akin to sophomore effort The Temple of Doom. Good choice considering our decision to host a supernatural MacGuffin. It seems as though this "new" trilogy is shaping up similar to the first one in terms of unique elements.

Next, once again we chose to veer away from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and followed our Temple of Doom-favoring hearts. Our villains will be location specific, meaning somewhere, in some mountain range, there is a cult brewing. But what mountain range you ask?

Well, results were pretty even on this one, with almost each category receiving the same amount of votes. But in the end, the Himalayas came out on top. Might I add that the Himalayas were also featured in the Temple of Doom? I'm starting to see a pattern...

Next our MacGuffin looks to the Temple of Doom for ideas, because we also chose a Mystical device over an alien artifact. Can't say I didn't see this one coming.

Next, for our female lead, we did stray from the Temple of Doom formula temporarily to decide on a starlet who is more similar to Elsa from The Last Crusade, and features characteristics of both Marion and Willie.

But lastly, we couldn't stay away from the Temple of Doom for long apparently, and we decided we wanted a ShortRound-esque, ambitious and loyal sidekick.

But what now? Well now we really get into the details of course!

First up, our villain. We chose location specific but that doesn't necessarily bring us to cult status. Other options include hoards of soldiers from the locale, or general grave-robbers. So what'll it be? Will there be more chanting and black magic with a cult as our antagonists, or maybe a more formidable force such as an army, perhaps that of China, with larger capabilities but less intrigue, or how about a never-before seen purely archaeological vendetta? Or, lastly, how about we throw everything together eh?


What should be the location-specific villains?

Next, we need to figure out what everyone is fighting over. The MacGuffin itself is a bit vague, so let's define its powers. What is it about this item that drives both Jones and an unnamed baddy for it?


What power does the MacGuffin have?

Next is another venture into the setting, and possibly the last one. I usually wouldn't do this for a mountain range, but because the Himalayas are so vast and reach into a few characteristically different cultures, specifically Indian, Nepali, and Chinese, I shall ask what part of the Himalayas is this adventure to take place in?


Have an adventure in the...

Next, regarding our sidekick, due to the nice alignment of location and sidekick choice, meaning placing us near Short Round and choosing Short Round's characteristics, I'll pose the question, do we want Short Round to return?


Should Short Round return?

Alright, that's all for now unless you guys can suggest more for this round. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with more intense, specific questions.

At the moment, it looks like we are taking Indiana to the Himalayas in [Indiana Jones 5](movie:203950) to encounter some devious object or supernatural, earthbound powers.


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