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With the recent release of his latest movie [Transformers: Age of Extinction](movie:206531), we now are all turning our heads to TMNT the stakes are pretty high for this movie. Many fans of the series from the 80's are ready to blast their hate meter's out the roof, if this movie doesn't do the TMNT franchise any justice. Well with there being so much hate from the latest Transformers movie, saying that Transformers Age of Extinction was the same exact pile crap from its previous movies, some even stating it had nothing new to offer. This latest Transformers movie was also bashed by a lot of critics including one of my favorites Doug Walker.

With all that being said, we have to truly ask ourselves, are we to hard on Michael Bay? Sure the guy can make some pretty bad movies, but does that mean he sucks at what he does? I mean lets be honest here, when it comes to visual effects, and action packed scenes, you can definitely count on Michael Bay to come through with what he makes.

However people are starting to call him out on that, saying he relies to heavily on effects and action to balance out the horrible character development, and writing for his movies. Lets be honest how many of you were checking your watches when watching Age of Extinction? Yet when kids go see that movie, they are utterly amazed by everything they are seeing, and they want to see more. If Transformers came out when I was a kid with the effects they have today, I would be wanting to see more, and I would probably beg my parents to get me all the transformer toys.


So in conclusion, I think we can be a little tough on Michael Bay, I mean it isn't easy making a movie, especially when it involves transformers!!!! What do you think, do you think [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) will just be another washed out effects driven movie like Transformers, or do you think it will stand a chance. Let me know down below.


Will TMNT be a fresh start for Michael Bay?


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