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One of the most influential figures in sports history, "Iron" Mike Tyson has had one of the more bizarre life stories...period. He was the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history, collects pigeons, involved in sex scandals, bit another boxer's ear off, a self-admitted drug abuser, then he went on to become a cartoon character and pop-culture icon. In a world full of meaningless biopics, his story and the decisions he made would make a fascinating, yet repulsive story. His life is very emblematic of the American dream and the dream gone askew all at once.

The core of an excellent creative team is coming together to produce the film. Tyson will be portrayed by Jamie Foxx, who has been campaigning to get the film made for years. Foxx is more than a gifted impersonator, he should be able to fully realize the tortured soul that is "Iron" Mike Tyson on screen.

Tyson himself explains that Foxx will be portraying him in his younger years as well. They are looking to utilize the same performance-capture technology that was used in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Take a look at the interview Tyson did with IGN recently:

The biopic will be written by Terence Winter (Wolf of Wall St., [Boardwalk Empire](series:200674)). It seems that they have found the ideal writer for the job. The Wolf of Wall Street followed a morally reprehensible figure in American history, whose decision making is not easily understandable. Yet the film's tone and sensibilities made everything from rampant drug use to the abuse of little people to be, almost, endearing. In other words, Winter (and director Martin Scorsese) made the chaos entertaining. It is also a plus that Scorsese will be latching onto the project in at least a producing role.

There isn't a studio or director attached to the project yet. However, with the team that is assembled, there should be talented people lining up. We will be sure to bring you the developments as they arise.

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