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So the Nostalgia Critic recently released his review of the purge, and he brought up a very good question. How does The Purge work? And why does it exist? Now, keep in mind that I haven't actually seen the movie itself.

The answer to how the purge works and why it exists is actually a rather simple idea. Though, I admit that the story isn't all there (I haven't caught the sequel yet) but I believe that the purge was initiated to lower the American population so that they cannot do anything against the government. I'm thinking that the government in The Purge is trying to control everything, and rid everyone of their freedoms. They create a control of population, knowing that the weaker end in the fight is the impoverished which leads to a smaller and wealthier population.

I know... you're probably saying that the fact that they have guns and weaponry disproves this theory. I would argue that even if guns were no longer allowed into the hands of American citizens, it doesn't particularly mean that no one would have access to them. People will still get them. Other countries have anti-gun laws, but that doesn't stop those countries patrons from getting them either. Another possibility is that they give out the guns before The Purge, and after it's all over - they go and round them back up. Supplying them just for the chaos of the event.

This movie seems to be trying to relay the same message as V for Vendetta, which is; "beware the government." I think the only reason people don't like this as much as V for Vendetta is that the storyline is seriously lacking in major areas and falls short on many of the key poignant facts that V successfully executed.

I'm sure the people in the film are okay with the government purging it's more slacking population as long as they still support gay marriage and abortion, right?


Do you think this is why the purge exist?


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