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Universal is on a classic monster reboot kick and in the coming years they have plans to refresh some of their best known and best loved monster stars, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan will be creating the new cinematic universe for Universal based on its biggest selling movie monsters, and The Mummy is first up for it's rebooted makeover. A prolific producer and writer, the 2016 reboot will be Kurtzman's 3rd time in a feature film director's chair...

This is how I feel.
This is how I feel.

Plot details are obviously being kept under wraps, and the IMDb page is still un-updated. Frankly, I'm worried that they're running out of cultural mummies to misappropriate. Where to next? Peru is still available, and the opportunity to make a ride out of a mountaineering adventure is totally possible. I'm just thinking ahead so that Universal doesn't have to.

Just sayin...
Just sayin...

According to The Hollywood Reporter it’s understood that the new Mummy will be set in the present and is not specifically a horror movie but rather an action-adventure tentpole with horror elements, much like the original Brendan Fraser reboot in 1999. It also will feature new characters and not rehash previous incarnations.

On why Kurtzman is perfect for the job:

"He knows why The Mummy has fascinated us for so long and how to bring that into an inventive, incredible new adventure. It became obvious that he is the perfect choice to be not only one of the narrative engineers of this new vision but its director as well.”

The Mummy's newest reboot is scheduled for a release date of April 22, 2016


How do YOU feel about the Universal's Monster Makeover plans?


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