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We've read and looked through all of your submissions. The top 10 lists, opinionated articles, fan art, and videos. They were ALL super amazing, and a great tribute to the 75th year of Batman himself, but sadly we only have two prize packages to giveaway. And the winners of the Batman contest are *Cue the dramatic drumroll please*....

Owen McKenna


Johnson Pham

Both of you are now the proud owners of not one, not two, but THREE of your very own Batman t-shirts all from our friends over at And yes, you get to choose your very own Batman wardrobe. You can check out both of their amazing articles here:

Owen McKenna's: Top 10 Batman Villains

Johnson Pham's: Who is Batman?

Great job to both of you, and great job to all of the submissions for the contest! We loved reading all of them.

Once again, this is one of many contest that we have coming up, so keep your eyes, minds, and fingers ready to create some great articles!


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