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From Huffington Post to the NY Daily News, newspapers are reporting about the 17-year-old girl who was found left by a pool, beaten and driven to the hospital.

"...who was also celebrating her birthday, was reportedly found lying in a pool of her own blood by a Marriott hotel's swimming pool at 1 a.m. Sunday morning."

  She was dressed as a female version of Roger Rabbit with a bright red wig, bunny ears, white shirt and a red leotard.
She was dressed as a female version of Roger Rabbit with a bright red wig, bunny ears, white shirt and a red leotard.

The young girl was accompanied by a 21 year old, who she knew. The girl was texting the entire time with her mother. The moment it stopped, the woman became worried about her daughter.

"My daughter was great about checking in all day with me and when I lost contact with her I kept trying to contact her, and I knew something was wrong," she told NBC San Diego.

The details are not all there, but this is what NY Daily News had put in the article:

Harbor Police arrested 29-year-old Justin Kalior, who is believed to have traveled to the convention with the teen, at the Harbor Drive hotel shortly after her discovery.
He was accused of having sexual contact with a minor and providing her alcohol. But cops refused to confirm the arrest was connected to the beating of a cosplayed.

And comic con is going to make some stricter code of conduct for minors:

The assault has led to renewed calls in the cosplay community for a strict and more formal anti-harassment policy at the annual comic book and movie convention. Earlier this week, the group Geeks for CONsent presented a petition calling for a new policy, saying some women -- especially those who attend in costume -- report being being groped, harassed and insulted.

Not only has this happened, but a deaf family drove into a crowd near Comic-Con and their car came under attack!

UPDATE: Police have wrapped the case as evidence has surfaced that the girl fell - but, after revealing their dating and physical relationship through consensual search of Kailor's text messages, no charges have been dropped against the 29-year-old.


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