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The movie was not only epic in the grand scale of choice backdrops, acting, and CGI (by the way, was flawless on the apes!), but the emotional side of it really tugged at my heart strings. From scenes of a little girl getting crushed from an ape to seeing the video of James Franco's character making an appearance on a video camcorder, it was overwhelming at times.

My favorite characters, besides Caesar (Andy Serkis), was Maurice, the lovable Orangutan (Karin Konoval), and Caesar's son, Blue Eyes (Nick Thurston).

This film definitely is set to the Mark Wahlberg version of the franchise with the way the first film with James Franco was in. The reason I point this out is because certain things line up with that movie and the prequels.

Besides that obvious point, [Dawn of the Planet of the Apes](movie:322904) struck and tugged at my heart strings. I actually teared up a bit when bad stuff happened to Caesar. My heart fluttered seeing the tiny ape played with the humans. And I gasped when the war started between the species. It had a few moments of predictability, but that didn't kill my love for this film.

  Screen Shot from the Movie Trailer
Screen Shot from the Movie Trailer

The grand scheme of scenery was jaw dropping in how amazing CGI has gotten in just three years! And not just the scenery, the ability to mess the actors faces with actual chimps is IMPRESSIVE! If you notice the images above you can see why this is amazing. It doesn't have that mess up like Polar Express where there was no life in the children's eyes, so creepy!

  Screen Shot from the Movie Trailer
Screen Shot from the Movie Trailer

The story's core was about three things:

  • Rebuilding after the fall of mankind
  • Family
  • Power hungry villain

These three elements made the movie for what it is and more. It's rare for myself to be deeply moved by a film, but when it does like this one, it stays with me for a long time. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone that saw the first prequel, that enjoyed the original 1970's movies, or is just curious about all the hype.


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