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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is an award-winning action horror video game featuring the story of Ellie and Joel as they cross the country in an attempt to find a cure for the cordyceps fungus (which infects insects in real life), all the while facing danger both human and Infected. In the game, the world has been ravaged by the cordyceps fungus, a fungus that takes over the frontal lobe of the victim and eventually ruptures through the skull, further deforming the face and dehumanizing the victim (you can read a description of the 5 stages of infection at the bottom of this article). The fungus’s spores or a bite from an Infected would normally turn most people into a drooling, vicious monster. Yet, Ellie, a 14-year-old girl who has been raised in this post-apocalyptic world, has been bitten yet has not turned. Thinking she might be the key to a cure, it’s Joel’s job to get her to a medical lab controlled by the rebel group The Fireflies. Only catch? They’re in Boston. The lab is in Colorado…

  That was a tarantula...
That was a tarantula...

Think this sounds pretty cool but you’re not a gamer? No problem! In a surprise panel at Comic-Con last weekend, it was announced that The Last of Us will be getting its own film adaptation produced by Sam Raimi and written by Neil Druckmann, the writer of the game itself. The film will feature key scenes from the game, yet will mainly focus on the evolution of Ellie and Joel’s relationship. After losing his daughter at the onset of the infection, can Joel really risk loving someone else?

Currently the Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is first pick to portray Ellie in the film. Personally, I think Chloe Grace Moretz or Ellen Page would be fantastic choices. However, after Page accused the game of “ripping of her likeness,” more than likely we won’t see Page getting anywhere near this project.

  So similar O_o
So similar O_o

Fans have also been ringing in their votes for who should play Joel. Some popular suggestions have been Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, and Dylan McDermott, all of whom have proven their acting talent.

Despite the negative reputation video game movies have, Druckmann and Raimi have promised to “work [their] asses off to try and make this great.”

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There are 5 stages of infection: runners, stalkers, clickers, bloaters, and spore cadavers.

1. Runners

Runners are recently infected victims. They are weak but still maintain their sense of sight. They seem to still have a sense of humanity (they actually still look very human) and may still be attempting to fight of the infection. However, they are still dangerous. One or two aren't too much of a threat, but be wary of an ambush.

2. Stalkers

Stalkers are the next level of Infected and have lost all sense of humanity. They are ferocious and attack by ambushing their victims when unseen. At this point, the fungus has ruptured through the skull, leaving only one eye visible.

  Someone needs a facial...
Someone needs a facial...

3. Clickers

Clickers are probably the most difficult of the infected to combat. The fungus has completely penetrated the skull, taken over the face, and even split the upper jaw in half. Though they are completely blind, they possess an incredibly keen sense of hearing and will attack swiftly upon hearing any slight sound. They cannot be confronted directly. Stealth is the only way of defeating them.

4. Bloaters

Although slow, bloaters are the most dangerous of the five stages. They have developed such strong fungal armor that only Molotov cocktails and nail bombs can make significant damage. Approach with caution because their spore bombs can cause you serious damage if you are hit with one.

5. Spore Cadaver

When an Infected dies, the fungus grows over its corpse and takes over the surrounding environment. This way, the fungus can continue to release its infectious spores and infect others.



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