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Arrow season three starts this fall, and the teasers were flying at us at SDCC. After his panels, Stephen Amell sat down to answer some questions about what is going to happen with Oliver Queen, and the information he gave us is absolutely incredible!

First and foremost, I need to take a second to talk about his hat. Stephen Amell. Is wearing. A Flash. Baseball cap. That is some seriously awesome cross-promotional goodness going one there, and little touches like that make me all the more excited for the new show.

  Sup, bro?
Sup, bro?

Moving on, lets talk about the actual interview questions. ]

The big news for me (and I know I'm not the only one!) is that Oliver and Felicity are most definitely on. I've previously written about how much I adore the character of Felicity, and I am so excited to see where this goes.


We already saw from the trailer that Oliver asks Felicity for a date, but now Amell confirms that not only is that real (and not a fake out, as some thought) but Felicity is the only woman Oliver is interested in for the entire season.

- Where's Oliver with his women? Sara is coming back, there's Felicity, Laurel's still around...

- Oliver has one woman this year. That woman is Felicity. There's some of the stuff we do in premiere, regardless of if that means Felicity and I are going to be together, if I meant what I said in the finale...I think that the cavalcade of women is going to slow down. Or stop.

Which is amazing, but also a little concerning, in a way. I really hope that they can maintain the tension and the will-they-won't-they vibe that is currently happening. I'm confident that it will not be smooth sailing for Olicity, and that's not a bad thing. But it seems that jealousy and other women will not be the reason behind any bumps in their road.

Or will it? Although he did not talk about the Flash crossover, we know that Barry Allen returns to the city, and given his history with Felicity, will this cause some problems in their burgeoning relationship?

  Angry face!
Angry face!

Amell also talked about his trusty sidekick, Roy Harper. We know that Harper becomes Arsenal at some point in season three, but as yet, we do not know when this will happen. It seems that the pair start out well together, but Oliver and Roy's relationship has never been easy, and I'm guessing that that isn't going to change, especially with Thea's dramatic exit at the end of season two.

Roy and Oliver are in a really good place, but there are skeletons in Roy's closet that he is eventually going to discover this year that put him at odds with himself, and thus, at odds with Oliver.

This could be really exciting, depending on what those skeletons are. We know in the comics, Harper actually becomes Oliver Queen's adopted son, so could this be a teaser on the possibility of Oliver's actual son turning out to be Roy? It would be an epic story arc, but the timeline just doesn't add up, unfortunately. I think that it is more likely that we get some backstory for Roy, and maybe some more about his relationship with Thea Queen.

Amell also confirmed that Thea will be returning to the season, which was likely, but given her absence from the trailer and her departure with Merlyn in the finale, was not always a given.

On the subject of Oliver as a father, he was also asked about the possibility of a return to this storyline.

When you see it revisited, if you see it revisited, this season or next, just remember that they way that they are going to re-introduce it was my idea. I was literally sitting in the writing room and was like, "guys, you know what would be cool?"....two weeks later, Marc Guggenheim comes up to me and was like "we have the best idea for the Oliver-child storyline.". And he pitched my idea back to me.

He also let slip (or almost let slip) that he has now met the actress playing Oliver's baby mama, and given that he did not film with her previously, I'm pretty certain that we will see this revisited in the upcoming season. That said, I honestly do not know where they could be going with this, but could it have something to do with relating to Diggle, now that his wife is pregnant?

  Congrats, you're going to be a Dad!
Congrats, you're going to be a Dad!

We found out that Diggle's wife is pregnant, and Amell did confirm that this is why we see them arguing in the season three teaser. Oliver no longer wants Diggle out in the field because he is going to be a father, so will the realization of his own fatherhood (assuming that he does realize!) impact his feelings about this?

Amell also talked a little about the island, although we now know that in this season, he won't technically be on the island itself. He brings up that we are reaching the middle of that five year story arc, which is both awesome and terrifying; what happens at the end? The story itself is sure to be incredible, but if the show continues past that point (and I really hope it does) then that will have a huge impact on the story.

We will get to see Tommy again, and not just in a flashback to his time in the city, but in his island flashbacks, talking to his father. This could be incredibly interesting (did Oliver meet Merlyn as the Black Arrow previously?!) or just a simple moment without too much impact on anything except Oliver's homesickness.

It seems that we will get a new bad guy for the island plot (Amanda Waller? Please be Amanda Waller!), but we will also be revisiting the original story, and finding out why Fyres wanted to bring down an airplane in the first place.

Fyres isn't the only thing that we will be returning too, either. Team [Arrow](series:720988) has a new list, reminiscent of season one, and as an extra nod to the fans, Amell gets to say his favorite line again.

"You have failed this city"

Season 3 looks like it may be the best season yet, and with so many possibilities, I just can't wait until October 8th!


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