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This has SPOILERS from the upcoming movie launching on 08/12/14

[Batman: Assault on Arkham](movie:1409921) Review

by Mr. J


Suicide squad! O ya! Wait, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost and a pile of newbies(Capt. Boomer-rang, Black Spider and Killer Shark) are enlisted to help A.R.G.U.S recover files that provides their identifies to the public. And when I mean enlisted, I mean forced into by the means of bombs in the back of their necks. The Riddler was able to steal this information but now is locked up in Arkham Asylum. However Harley encounters an old love in the dark depths of the Asylum. Of course B-Man(As Harley would say) gets involved. What is awesome about this movie, is that they brought in all the settings from the Arkham series games and keeps it continuity with the Rock steady Games story line. However, on top of all this, the Joker has placed bomb somewhere in the city which complicates the Suicide Squads mission. One thing I will say, this is a very adult orientated film. As there was an sex implied scene between Harley and Dead shot which was simply, odd. Be as it may, the story line was fresh and not boring whatsoever. There was a pile of Easter eggs of classic Batman villains but be forewarned, this is not a Batman film, this is a Suicide Squad film. However characters you would normally see as heroes for example Deadshot, really change your perspective of the story. This is the most I am willing to let go because I would be spoiling too much.

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Voice Acting:

Which was exciting for me is that Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the Batman, Troy Baker was Joker, Nolan North was Penguin and many more RockSteady Alumni. Also Giancarlo Esposito aka Chicken Man Gus from Breaking Bad was Black Spider and even John DiMaggio who was known for Bender in Futurama was Killer Shark! Huge voice acting cast. The voice acting was done beautiful/ However my only gripe would be that Tara Strong did not voice Harley Quinn. Hynden Walch did a great job but I was not sold on her abilities as Harley. So Sadly, no perfect score here.

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This film was down with a Batman: Animated Series type of feel. Now the fact they incorporated blood/death into this story was a huge win for me. One of my favorite films was Under the Red Hood, which for me broke away that wall of child to adult animated films standards.This film was beautifully designed, the color was not boring and they really pushed through a great effort of making this very eye appealing. Good Job DC.

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Replay Value:

I enjoyed this film. However to me because it was not a Batman film it didnt overpower me in joy. The story-line, voice acting and everything was basically bang on and any fan of the DC universe will enjoy this film. However, Batman taking the backseat in his film did bother me a little. I would love to give it a perfect rating but, Batman is a necessity to this films success. if Batman was not in this film, it would have been horrible, irregardless on who was voice acting the roles, it would have flopped. I do not feel the Suicide Squad could carry a film by themselves and this movie proves it. However, Troy Baker played a flawless Hamill Joker which was confusing to me at times if it was Baker or Hamill! I would like to see another addon to the Arkham Franchise but that will not be until next years video game of Arkham Knight.

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Final Impression:

Any DCU fan will enjoy this film. That is a given. I strongly suggest that no one younger than a teen should watch this film. I noticed as the WB Animated films progress, they push the boundaries that much more with sex, blood and etc. However, WB is doing a great job and need to push out more Animated films like this! Thank you for breathing life back into the Arkham franchise to tie us over to the new game!

-Mr. J

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