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Charlie Ingles

With their first animated short film, Gus, enjoying international acclaim, Honeydew Studios has begun work on their follow up, Levare, and has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund production.

Levare tells the story of an elderly inventor, Valentino, who lives in a stunning art-deco house perched on the side of a cliff in a mountainous fantasy world. He shares his home with a mechanical hummingbird named Alida, who springs to life at dawn every day when her heart, a magical white gemstone, is lit by the sun. Valentino’s latest creation, a flying machine, lies incomplete in his workshop, gathering dust. One day, death comes for Valentino in the form of a ghostly giant raven, named Libitina, and he must finish his flying machine in order to escape her fury.

To learn more about Levare and to pledge your support, check out their Kickstarter Project page, where you’ll be greeted by Honeydew Studios founder, and Levare director, Andrew Martin, and find some of the amazing concept art being produced by this talented and passionate team.

Honeydew Studios' mission is to produce animated films for mature audiences. Please support them in this exciting vision.

The campaign runs until August 31.


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