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So, Guardians of the Galaxy hasn't even come out yet, but already people are talking about how great it is! This has mainly to do with the reviews from viewers who got to see one of the early screenings of the movie. The screenings were good, but were missing one important (at least to the average Marvel Movie viewer) part— the post-credits scene.

However, the post-credits scene was leaked into one of the early screening theaters, and one viewer managed to record it on his phone and post a video online. Unfortunately, the video was taken down not too long after he uploaded it. Luckily, a basic recap of the scene is available here,manual#!bsNpTh

The scene features a very unusual and...unexpected...Marvel character, one we thought would never see the light of day given his first feature film appearance was a horrible debacle. The scene includes one HOWARD THE DUCK in a scene with the Collector.For those of you who don't know, Howard the Duck is an old Marvel Character that is mainly featured as a cameo in other heroes comics. He had a short lived comic strip and wasn't really widely known until his movie in 1986. The movie was really bad and (despite a cult following) is known as one of Marvel's worst movies.

Marvel was going through it's "WTF" phase.
Marvel was going through it's "WTF" phase.

With the inclusion of Howard in GotG, this could provide the steps for a Howard the Duck reboot, or at least a spot for the anthropomorphic "quackster" somewhere along the line of Marvel's upcoming phases.

Now I know what you're thinking; "A Howard the Duck reboot? No way I'm watching that!" But before you get skeptical, let me tell you why a Howard the Duck reboot is EXACTLY what the duck needs.


Look, I really didn't like the Howard the Duck movie, like REALLY didn't like it. So when I heard that Howard the Duck would be in the GotG post-credits scene, I was just as mad as you probably are. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how hard I was being on the little guy. After all, it's not like he's the only Marvel superhero (or superhero in general) to get some bad press.

We're looking at you Captain America (1990).
We're looking at you Captain America (1990).

Just look at some of Marvels most popular heroes. Captain America had a movie in 1990 that featured him fighting an Italian Red Skull who looked more like a very vengeful human/meatball cross-experiment. And let's not forget the 1994 Fantastic Four fiasco. Or the 1977-79 Spider-Man series on CBS, that Stan "The Man" Lee himself showed distaste for. And those are just the ones with low budget, at least they had an excuse. The ones with enough budget though like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or the Ghost Rider movies, no exceptions!

The point is, Howard isn't the only "ugly duckling" that Marvel created. Te only difference is that all those other ones got to turn into beautiful swans, so I hope that Howard gets hos turn in the spotlight.


Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy is different from Marvel's other recently released films, in that is shows Big M's more comedic side. Don't get me wrong, the trailers for the movie has shown that there will be TONS of epic shoot-outs and action sequences for those of you wanting to see that (myself included), but it nice to know that not every Marvel character in their movie roster is a stick in the mud. The Guardians are like the contrast to the Avengers. While the Avengers movie had a sort of "serious, actiony tone" and a group of "bad-ass, ask questions later, bad-dude beaters", GotG will have more of a "comedic, action/comedy, buddy movie" feel, and a group of "joke crackin, happy-go-lucky goofballs who also have the responsibility of saving the entire Galaxy." Also, two of them are a raccoon and a catchphrase savvy tree who are best friends.

  How could something so lethal be so cute?!
How could something so lethal be so cute?!

This is why Howard the Duck would fit right in with the GotG! Howard and the Guardians both have two sides to them, one is hilarious! And the other is dangerous. Howard may not look it, but he's a tough one. Just look at the time the Cult of Entropy kidnapped and threatened Howard because he had a piece of the Nexus of All Realities inside of him. Man-Thing jumped inside Howard's stomach and retrieved the piece and Howard vomited him up. Then, later when Man-Thing was dying, he drags the huge swamp monster to some water to heal, all while having a conversation with Namor. Once Man-Thing was all healed, Howard just walks away like this was a normal thing that happened to people.

Or the time he got recruited into the Defenders, which featured the likes of Thor, Doctor Strange, and Thor.

  Beware those who project "FOWL PLAY!"
Beware those who project "FOWL PLAY!"

Besides, if we can handle a talking raccoon sitting on the shoulder of a talking tree, I think we can handle a cigar smoking duck in out space adventures.


Marvel has slowly and surely become the biggest and most talked about thing in the movie, comic, and even television industry. Not only have they created great movies, they've created A UNIVERSE! A universe that is currently entering it's 2nd out of who knows how many phases. They've even conquered the box office with movies that aren't part of their phase plans like X-Men and The Amazing Spider-Man film series (and maybe the new Fantastic Fours if it's good). The point I'm trying to make is; If anyone can reboot and make a movie about a talking duck who fights crime and smokes a cigar that's on a Looney Tunes level of outrageous, Marvel can! They've been doing so great and are planning to do even greater. So, is there room for Howard the Duck in Marvel's outstanding schedule? I think so, at least a part in someone else's movie, if not his own.


So what do you think of a possible Howard the Duck reboot?


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