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Wentworth Miller, who recently wrote the script for Chan-wook Park's suburban horror film Stoker and was cast on the CW's newest DC-based series [The Flash](movie:15273), has been tapped to scribe the American remake of a beloved French horror thriller! Fronted by Focus Features and produced by Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray's Maven Pictures, With a Friend Like Harry will be making its way to North American theaters in the near future.

Dominik Moll's original film focused on a sad-sack husband named Michel who runs into an old classmate (or is he), Harry, at a rest stop. However, when Harry starts showing all the ways he can improve his life, which include some less that pleasant means of taking of control of his life and certainly some less than legal ones. As time goes on, it becomes clear that Harry is not what he seems (is anyone ever what they seem?) and that is when Moll's film becomes a fascinating psychological thriller that will stick with you for weeks.

  With a Friend Like Harry (2000)
With a Friend Like Harry (2000)

The remake of With a Friend Like Harry was originally pitched with director Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don't Cry, the Carrie remake) on board, but she has since dropped out. No replacement director has been named.

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Have you seen the original With a Friend Like Harry? What did you think of Wentworth Miller's script for Stoker? Let me know in the comments!


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