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After never ending marketing and much hype, “Guardians of the Galaxy” has finally hit theaters. Directed by James Gunn, this movie not only marked the last film before “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and the biggest gamble Marvel Studios has taken so far. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a fun, comic book feeling movie that evokes the same feelings of watching “Star Wars” for the first time; at least for this reviewer and long time comic reader.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” tells the story of Peter Quill aka Star Lord. He’s an orphan that is abducted shortly after his mother dies and is taken to space where he lives his life as a thief. Almost an outer space Indiana Jones but with far more attitude. The center of the story is this mysterious orb. Ronin the Accuser wants it for his boss (big bad reveal from the last Avengers movie) Thanos and Peter Quill has it. Problem is, Peter Quill is not the only one who wants it. The Ravagers, the group Peter works with, wants it for themselves so they can get a big payout. As the story moves along, the team comes together through coincidence, bounties and through this mystery of the mysterious stone. It’s then up to the newly assembled team to put a stop to Ronin’s plans and restore safety to the galaxy.

This film was a ton of fun. From the trailers alone it was assumed this would be a lighthearted movie. While the beginning is very serious, the rest of the movie spends its time cracking jokes. Jokes that, for the most part, hit very well. It’s stronger with certain characters and certain situations. Drax, played by Dave Bautista is particularly funny as his humor comes from not understanding Peter’s Earthly-American humor. There are a few places where the jokes do not land, particularly at the end. There is a scene involving Peter Quill and Ronin that felt a bit forced. Rocket and Groot steal the show and are the stars of this movie. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, while a bit iffy at first, do a great job in voicing these characters. They not only provide some of the best humor in the movie but also some of the most dramatically powerful as well. They become the Rocket Raccoon and Groot from the comics in every way imaginable.


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