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For those of you which have been patient, here is the final trailer for the upcoming action-hero ensemble movie, The Expendables 3.

Of course, the movie was controversially leaked online three weeks before its scheduled release date, which means to many - more unethical - viewers, this final trailer might already be a bit redundant. Anyway, for those of you still waiting for a theatrical release, here's the trailer:

According to Variety, the movie has already been downloaded 2 million times, which could mean that's 2 million (or more) potential cinema tickets which have gone unsold. Could this leak spell disaster for [The Expendables 3](movie:388705)?

Well, although The Verge's David Pierce thinks it could actually help ticket sales, most experts suggest this is a pretty huge problem. One study found that movies leaked before their release generally see a 19% drop in ticket sales and revenue. That's certainly not an insignificant amount.

The Expendables 3 arrives in theaters on August 15th.


Do you think The Expendables 3 leak will ruin its chance in the theaters.

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