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Get ready for an overload of adorable dad based newscaster antics, which, of course, involve Brian Williams.

The sitcom cameo-provider extraordinaire took to the air recently to announce a very special piece of casting for the upcoming Peter Pan Live - and it's decidedly aw-inducing...

That's right, Williams took the opportunity to simultaneously announce his daughter's casting in Peter Pan Live, and do his damnedest to embarrass her in public.

Which, as anyone who's ever watched Full House can attest, is one of the primary goals in all father's lives. Thankfully, some of us - this writer, and from the looks of it Allison Williams, included - have been lucky enough to have fathers who would only ever do it when it's genuinely extremely funny, and preferably on national television.

That being said, when the next series of Girls features the cast discussing Brian Williams doing disgusting things to a house-plant, he'll probably know he deserved it.

[Peter Pan Live](movie:2059523) is set to air December 4, on NBC. Presumably with Brian Williams whooping from the sidelines.


What do you guys think? What sort of revenge should Allison Williams get on her dad?

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