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As the two people who won the global face lottery, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a pair that make you want to hurl into your cupped hands over their sheer perfection, but their collective beauty is more than skin deep.

In between being Saint Ange for the U.N and mothering her rainbow brood, Angelina Jolie also finds the time to pen her long-term boyf impassioned hand written love letters from her directors chair.

While separated by tens of thousands of miles while Angelina was directing [Unbroken](movie:791899) and Brad was shooting [Fury](movie:866294) in England, the divided lovebirds wrote each other carefully penned love letters to stay in touch. I'm guessing they probably also used a feathered bird of paradise quill and a waxed seal.

In an interview with Australia's TV Week Magazine (because no publication is too small for the benevolent Ange) Jolie explained that;

He (Brad) was supportive from a distance and it was quite romantic in a way. We decided to be of that time when we could imagine he was in the European theatre and I was in the Pacific theater and we wrote hand-written letters to each other that were very connecting for us, thinking of the people that were separated for months if not years at a time back then

So guys, it's time to burn those wedding invites and turf your partner out of the house. Us mere mortals will never reach the lofty heights of Brad and Angelina's relationship, so why even bother?


Brand and Anglina's love letters: Puke inducing or passion incarnate?

(Source: Dlisted via Australia TV Week Magazine)


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