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Bad news for fans of bloodshed, brutality and constant, constant swearing - Deadpool looks set to be a PG-13.

His creator Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter - as he seems to do pretty much constantly - to reveal that any upcoming adaptation of the character will be a PG-13:

What with the 'Merc with a mouth's' reputation being so very much founded on zany, action-packed violence, this may well sound like a very bad thing. That is, until you consider three other points that Liefeld makes:

1) Considering the current state of the box office, an R-rated Deadpool was always a long-shot at getting made:

2) Even if an R-rated version were made, there are a whole lot of fans who'd be excluded by it - namely the bucketload of teenagers for whom he's a hero:

and, possibly most importantly:

3) A PG-13 version doesn't have to be any less awesome than an R-rated one:

I mean, seriously, have you seen that video? If ever there was a clip that didn't need any blood and gore added to it, it's this one:

All of which, put together, suggests one main thing: If a Deadpool movie delivers two hours of that, who's really going to give a flying villain's head whether or not there's blood on his sword?

And, even if it does somehow weaken the film, if the alternative's not getting one at all, then surely it's a price that's worth paying?

Anyway, [Deadpool](movie:38663) is probably still a whole bunch of years away - whether it's PG-13 or R...


What do you guys think? Would a Deadpool movie still be awesome if it was PG-13?

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