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Sometimes, all you really need is Zombies.

I mean, not if you're actually fighting them for survival, but as a viewer? They're gold. After all, there's a reason we all watch [The Walking Dead](series:201193).

All the more reason, then, to celebrate the arrival of a brand new, bloody, staggering trailer for an upcoming Zombie movie - especially as it's a sequel to 2010's The Dead:

The Dead 2, unlike it's Africa-set predecessor, is based in India, and sees turbine-engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson) battle his way to his Indian love, Meenu, after a Zombie apocalypse strikes. Helped only by a young street kid named Javed, Burton sets out to make his way across 300 miles of Zombie-infested terrain, and - from the looks of the trailer - isn't too shy about blowing his way through any brain-eating menaces to society that get in his way.

Which is a...good thing. Because...Zombies. Right?

[The Dead 2](movie:2152614) is set for release this Fall.


What do you guys think? Does The Dead 2 look Zombie-rific, or lacking in braaaaaaains?

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