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Someone once said: a poem doesn't belong to the author, it belongs to everybody! And what is 50 Shades of Grey other than a very long, spanky prose poem, I ask you (please don't answer that)?

It's only fair that even before the release of the official 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer, YOU good people took to the internet and made your own previews.

What you're about to watch are three well-made examples of said democratic approach.

Warning: The following videos include sore bottoms, handsome fellows and German car salesmanship.

1. The Bosom Squeezer

Released in 2012, this fan-made trailer "stars" Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer as the whip-crossed lovers. It's quite saucy with a bit of bosom squeeze and tongue traveling thrown in for good measure.

2. The Schoolgirl Version

Arguably the tamest of the triumvirate, this schoolgirl-y version is downright obsessed with Christian Grey (again played by fan favorite Matt Bomer). There's gonna be a problem girlfriend, last I heard he was taken!

Could be saucier.

3. The Sexy Audi Commercial

Oh my! Clearly not produced for the prudish, the suitably nipple-y preview features plenty of sweaty sheet wrangling. My only quibble: It left me with a tragic urge to buy an Audi...

Now, if you still feel the need, compare these fan-made beauties with the official trailer:


Which trailer was the naughtiest (as in best)?


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