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E.L. James brought S&M into the mainstream with her fan fiction based on the Twilight novels. But how will that sexual submission, awkwardness, scandal and - ultimately - romance, transfer to Kelly Marcel's Fifty Shades of Grey screenplay on the big screen?

Well, for 50 Shades fans, the trailer - which dropped earlier this week - was kind of a big deal. It answers our questions like "Will it be as dirty as the book?" "Will Jamie Dornan be a better Christian Grey than Charlie Hunnam ever could have been?" and "How many times will Dakota Johnson do her good-girl-gone-bad face before she becomes too annoying to watch?"

The trailer offered a chance for real fans (yeah, you know who you are) to work out exactly how much the movie will mirror the book. But in case you're still not sure, let me walk you through some of the best bits...

Oh, look, Anastasia Steele is having more than one "new experience"...

So, there is a plane. Christian Grey owns it. It's what millionaire businessmen do, instead of taking you for pizza and wine:

(Sorry, acrophobics...)

Christian takes Anastasia up on said plane, and shows her a wild, exhilarating, and not altogether un-scary time...

She's LOVING that.

But, wait a second... Could this "ride" be a metaphor for another wild, exhilarating, and not altogether un-scary ride that Ana is about to encounter? One that starts a little something like this?


So, what does this mean, if anything? Well, hopefully that Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson has thought enough about the complexity of her sexy blockbuster to include cinematic metaphor, foreshadowing, and A LOT of kink. Great.

Speaking of which...

Is the movie as kinky as we want it, or will it leave us begging for more?

By its very nature, 50 Shades is an erotic yarn about sexual domination and BDSM. But what's worrying some true 50 Shades fans is whether or not the movie will fulfill its kink potential.

The studio obviously wants to make the movie as accessible as it possibly can, in order to rake in a whopping return at the box office. And by making the movie that little bit too smutty, they risk putting a lot of people off. The smuttier we go with the flick, the less easy it is to walk into the theater pretending you "had no idea" how sexy that was going to be. As my mom said when I spotted 50 Shades on her Kindle "Oh, it's terrible. Really badly written and filthy. It was a real struggle to finish all three books"... Sure, mom.

Perhaps Universal is worried about walking away with a profit for even just one almost-porn movie, let alone three. Either way, those of you who had the blindfold removed while watching the trailer might have been perceptive enough to notice THESE GUYS:

Oh, hi there, riding whip! And who's this little guy?

Hey, rope. Are you ready to wrap yourself around Ana's wrists? Yes, yes you are.


Ana tells her new love interest to "enlighten me."

Does. He. Ever.

There is a riding crop and some rope. Her hands are tied. Ana is naked, blindfolded and we see her body lurch forward, accompanied by moaning. Based on this little sneak preview of playboy Grey's toys, I have a good feeling that we're in for some seriously steamy on-screen lovin'. PANIC OVER!

But, will Dornan himself be able to do the role justice?

The trailer ain't giving much away, at first. As if we haven't waited long enough to see the former Calvin Klein model strut around in his briefs and do all kinds of unspeakable things to Dakota Johnson, the trailer takes it really, really slowly with it's grand Christian Grey unveiling.

We get to see his back:

Followed by a bit of suited torso:

Then a bit of blurry face...

A hand:

More back:

Until FINALLY, our hero has his own money shot:

... And THAT, ladies, gentlemen and self-confessed pervs, is our very own smoldering Christian Grey. Okay, so he's doing that really annoying thing where he tugs at his cuffs. But he later makes up for it by walking around without a top on, like this:

(That shot is about to break Tumblr. Mark my words...)

So, what about Ana? She starts off looking like a deer in the headlights:

She's a timid introvert who burrows herself away from adventures. She avoids making eye contact with anyone and seems to be genuinely intimidated by the interior of elevators...

But she ends up like this:

And anyone who's read Fifty Shades of Grey will know that the book traces the deepening relationship between college grad Ana not only with Mr. Grey, but also with herself, exploring her own boundaries.

So, from our first glance at the trailer, can the actors pull this off? Even if you love the books, they aren't exactly literary masterpieces. And from what we've gleaned from this trailer, the movie will be titillating, but certainly with a large helping of cheese on the side. Guilty pleasures, for sure, but heavy on the melodrama. I think Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson can handle it.

Is there anything you noticed in the trailer that I missed?

Let me know what you spotted in the comments!


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