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it's time for one more ghost hack in the final episode of the 4 part ova series hit the hump to see the trailer.

Ghost in the shell arise has been a great ova series but as they say all good things must come to an end and come september 6th production i.g. will release the fourth and final part of the ghost in the shell arise series which is titled ghost stands alone. Along with the trailer we also got a plot synopsis which reads

Newport City of winter 2028 there signs of post-war reconstruction -.

There was watch the protest to price fixing of water over the interests of foreign cartel, the figure of independent Osamu-sei troops led by Major Motoko Kusanagi. Indiscriminate shootings by riot police of security occurs suddenly in front of their eyes. Simultaneous ghost hack unprecedented them was something cyber virus "fire-starter" was triggered. Said identify a source of infection, Kusanagi is shooting for incident suppression. During, who was the perpetrator wearing a "branch" on Cyber ​​Kusanagi. Batou and we rush to the original target person, and there was the figure of girl Tsuda Emma systemic prosthetic body -. Kusanagi to escort her and research at the direction of Aramaki, which rejected the take-up of Emma army intelligence Colonel Hozumi the offer, dared dive to the ghost of Emma. "Man of the Scarecrow" Burinda Junior Emma "girl tin" there, ghost two were present. what they aim to what. Kusanagi is close to the truth of the double ghost swirling conspiracy -.


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