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Captain Marvel or as some might now him Shazam, has always been one of my favorite DC superheroes. This is mostly due to his relatable goofy and comedic personality. And over the past few weeks I have seen a lot about rumors and ideas for who will play Shazam but a noticeable absence from all of this is 10 year old Billy Batson. Billy is Captain Marvels alter ego. So I decided to fill this void by giving you my top picks and ideas of who could play this young character. However before we get into to that you might wonder why this is important? All we care about is Shazam and possibly the Rock. However, nothing is more irritating to me than having a child in a movie who can't act, it ruins the entire film. So in no particular order I give you Billy Batson!

Andrew Astor

  Possible Billy Batson?
Possible Billy Batson?

When coming up with this list I had a surprisingly difficult time finding anybody who had the acting chops and the look to pull off Billy Batson. The first name on this list is Andrew Astor who has appeared in both installments of Insidious and in the Hangover as well as various roles on television. Andrew Astor sure has the looks to play Billy Batson and he has the acting experience that gives me hope he wouldn't ruin the movie. However, he doesn't look much like Dwayne the Rock Johnson, who at this points seems to be our Shazam.

Next up is

Preston Bailey

Again this young actor had the looks and the acting skills nessacry to play Billy Batson. Probably most famous for his role as Cody Bennet in Dexter, Bailey has appeared many times on television and in a couple movies. However, I have yet to binge watch Dexter on Netflix so I can't comment too much on his acting cabsplities but from the looks of his IMDb page Preston has a good chance of pulling this off.

And finally we have

Jared Gilmore

This Once Upon a Time star definitely has the chops to play a Billy Bats on, but I'm jot so sure he has the look. Billy has sharper features than what Gilmore has to offer, however his acting capabilities may place him in the front of the pack. However, we run into the problem again that none of these actor look much alike to The Rock. However this need not be a problem as if the audience can believe that a 10 year old boy can turn into an adult superhero by shouting "Shazam" surely they can believe they look different.

Well there you have it 3 possible actors to play Billy Batson in the upcoming Warner Bros. Film "Shazam". Who did I miss? Comment below!


Who would you most like to see as Billy Batson?


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