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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Here we are again, assembled to decide which talented thesp we want cast in in movie we hope gets made. This time it's Ms. Marvel, and the remaining two ladies are...

.... in the right corner, an Academy Award winning actress and one of the most beautiful woman on the planet - at least in the humble opinion of this writer. She already starred as a super heroine in Hancock and as a super assassin in Aeon Flux. While the merit of these movies is doubtable, there's no doubt about this: Charlize Theron is f*?=ing marvelous!

... and in the left corner an actress so beautiful, she'd make leprechaun's forget their treasure and pirates abandon their loot - with a look. She excels in blockbusters as well as indies. If you ever seen her give an interview, you know: she'd make Dick Cheney smile. Her name is Olivia Wilde.

Ladies and gentleman, cast your votes now!


Charlize Theron vs. Olivia Wilde

If you're not satisfied with the two ladies selected in our grand finale (how dare you!), there is another, pretty awesome fan casting happening at Moviepilot. Just click here!

Here's hoping your favorite fares better there!


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