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Ahead of - wait hold up, Guardians is already released right? Ok, let's try this again. To continue promotion for Guardian's of The Galaxy, Marvel Studios has officially released the image of their titan, Thanos. Josh Brolin takes the helm of this titular villain, and we as fans were all eager to know just how he would look in purple. An image was leaked a couple days ago, but today as [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is released worldwide, Marvel has released an official HD image:

Too dark for you? Alright, let me put my awesome microsoft picture editor skills to work. Ok, hold up:

  Thanos sits on his galactic throne!
Thanos sits on his galactic throne!


By the looks of it, it looks like Josh Brolin sure does fit the part. He seems to be sitting very comfortably on top of a floating rock with boosters attached to it. Ok, whatever, it's sci-fi right? Haha. Well either way, Guardians of The Galaxy is posed to be one of the most entertaining Marvel films to date. Packed with comedy, action, a little bit of drama, and mystery. Looks like Thanos will be giving the convicts-turned-heroes a good run for their galactic dollars. His smirk looks very sinister and very threatening. Supposedly, he isn't the bad guy on the front lines. The main antagonist of the film will be Ronan The Accuser, played by Lee Pace:

However, there is no doubt that Thanos is pulling the strings.

Guardians of The Galaxy is truly Marvel's underdog and will surprise us all. The reviews seem solid and I can't wait to drop mine. I should be seeing it some time this weekend so I'll let you know.

But what about Thanos? This is the news you all came for right? Do you think Brolin looks good in purple? I mean not everybody can rock it, but it sure looks like he is doing a pretty decent job. I guess we will have to see how his feet fit the shoes in the film. I wonder how The Guardians will fair in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check out Marvel's Official MCU Mash-Up:

Guardians of The Galaxy is in theaters today!

Source: ComicBookMovie


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