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Reid Jones

This past month, it was revealed that Corey Stoll would be playing Darren Cross, who would also be taking on mantle of the Yellowjacket, a villain traditionally played by Hank Pym in the comics.

I’ve had several costume fittings and it’s looking amazing. It’s still in flux, they’re still figuring out exactly how it’s going to look, but it’s going to be awesome. In the comic books, Yellowjacket was an incarnation of Henry Pym, and he sort of did some ethically duteous things as Yellowjacket. In this story, Darren Cross, who was in the comic books but was not Yellowjacket in the comic books, he has a suit that is sort of the next generation of Ant-Man’s suit. It can do everything that Ant-Man can do, but more. It’s more badass, more militaristic, sleeker… sort of like if Apple had designed a battle suit. I just think the battles and the stuff that we're going to do is gonna be so cool.

If Apple designed an [Ant-Man](movie:9048) suit, my jaw would break from dropping to the floor so quickly, so I am definitely excited. If there's anything I've learned from Marvel Studios is that even when things sound crazy, they really do know what they're doing. I mean, nobody thought a raccoon or talking tree could be hilarious and powerful at the same time. Or even work on the big screen at all. But with Marvel, anything is possible.


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