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The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced earlier this month, and we're pumped to cheer on our favorite shows. (We're rooting for you, "Orange is the New Black"!) Browsing all the great contenders got us thinking about the TV weddings we've laughed and cried over. Read on for seven great weddings that took place on shows nominated for 2014 Emmys!

1. "How I Met Your Mother"

Forget the controversial Barney and Robin wedding that lasted an entire season only to have the marriage crumble into nothingness in the blink of an eye donotevengetusstarted...deep breath. We're not talking about that wedding. We're talking about the super sweet, low-key, outdoor wedding of Marshall and Lily. We loved these two from the moment we met them and thought their adorable wedding perfectly represented their partnership. Don't you agree?

2. "Girls"

We knew the marriage was ill-fated, but we'll be the first to admit that we swooned over Jessa's boho-chic wedding on "Girls." The '70s-inspired dress, the rustic-industrial was all just stunning. We recommend pulling inspiration from the party -- not the marriage!

3. "Game of Thrones"

OK, so the aftermath of this wedding was a totally horrifying massacre, but you have to admit these TV nuptials stuck with you. Doesn't every couple want their wedding to be unforgettable?

4. "Sherlock: His Last Vow"

Sherlock Holmes is the opposite of an emotional man; his single-minded focus can seem almost robotic at times. But the marriage of his best friend, John Watson, brought out the sweetness in him, which is why we so loved this TV wedding.

5. "The Big Bang Theory"

Howard and Bernadette are so goofy, they're fabulous. So when they finally tied the knot we were overjoyed! The best part of their on-screen wedding? All of their friends got ordained and helped marry them. So sweet!

6. "Parks & Recreation"

How could you not tear up at Leslie and Ben's perfect wedding? Leslie's dress! Donna's singing! The fact that they tied the knot inside the parks department office! It's all just so them.

7. Portlandia

In classic Portland fashion, Spike and Iris rejected everything that represents "tradition" and "weddings" and did their own thing. We would have gone nuts if we'd been hired to plan this "cool wedding," but we loved seeing it unfold on TV.

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