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Larry King, the renowned talk show host, just doesn't understand Anna Paquin's bisexuality. While promoting the final season of [True Blood](series:200767), Paquin visited Larry King Now to talk about the show and her future endeavors. The amount of sex on True Blood is always a hot topic and King didn't shy away from asking about it. Somehow, discussing sex on True Blood turned into Paquin having to defend her recent statement that she is a "proud married bisexual mother." The entire exchange is just plain awkward, but Paquin keeps her cool and remains classy while having to defend herself.

There is a lot of questioning from King regarding True Blood and he uses the word "weird" quite a bit. At times, it feels as though he has very specific opinions and ideas about True Blood and they are not positive, but Paquin does a bang up job of answering the questions politely. Among other things, Paquin talks about the deal that her and her husband, Stephen Moyer, have with HBO for future projects and she also shares the story of how the role of The Piano came to her and it was certainly a little tidbit that I found fun to learn.

This is a fascinating interview on many levels and I have a new found respect for Mrs. Paquin. My love of Sookie Stackhouse has been severely tested during these last few seasons of [True Blood](series:200767) and it was nice to see the woman behind the character.


You can watch the full interview here. Confusion over bisexuality occurs around the eleven minute mark.


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