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Hot on the heels of a screen test that never grew to fruition, Superhero Report has shared a photo of Ryan Reynolds that they say is his motion capture screentest as Deadpool for a feature film. Check out the photo below.

  Closely identical to the opening shot of the test.
Closely identical to the opening shot of the test.

While many fans are expressing heartbreak over the movie that never was, a few of us are wondering whether of not the movie's creators are testing for fan response. With both the screen test and this image surfacing within the past week -- and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld even adding some commentary on the movie's possible rating -- one has to question why, exactly, they were set to 'leak' directly after San Diego Comic-Con.

Rumors on the internet, especially about anything that happens in Hollywood, are usually just that - rumors. But it's also true of the industry that where there's smoke, there's usually fire. And there's been a LOT of chatter lately about [Deadpool](movie:38663). Fox is trying to get into the superhero game in the same big way that Marvel has done with the MCU and Sony with its planned Spider-Verse. Right now, the X-Men franchise is Fox's only viable superhero franchise. I know, I know [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) - but with the production being plagued by rumors of trouble, along with there being weirdly nothing about the movie at Fox's SDCC 2014 panel (even though it's scheduled for release next summer), you have to wonder if the Fox execs have slyly started shopping around the idea of a Deadpool movie to gauge fan reaction as they realize an expanded X-Men universe is their most viable option right now.

And besides...doesn't Ryan Reynolds deserve the chance to go from this

to THIS?


Do you think Deadpool could still hit the big screen?


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