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Delisa Elizabeth

The Expendables 3: Another movie that has old actors that will be killing, blowing things up, and talking about things you couldn’t care less about. Oh don’t forget this movie has Stallone so be prepared to not understand a word he says for 127 minutes.

The first one was bad, really bad. I love a good action movie with a good storyline but the first Expendables movie only had good action scenes and that is it. I was bored with the movie and not impressed with the acting at all. The best part of this movie was Stallone and Schwarzenegger talking, it sounded like two men with crap in their mouths, you couldn’t understand a word they said, than 5 minutes later the scene was over.

I didn’t see the second Expendables but I bet it had fire, more talking, fighting scenes, things blowing up, and no good story line.

The Expendables 3 is one summer movie I can wait to see.

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