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With the hundreds (if not more) of horror films coming out each year from big name studios and indie filmmakers alike keeping up on every release can be tricky. The digital sea has become over saturated as services like Netflix, Youtube and other VOD distributors release film after film of varying quality so I've rounded up a few of my favorite horror films that never got the attention they deserved but every genre fan should see. Hardcore horror fans may be more familiar with these titles than others but it seems the average Joe doesn't seem to know they exist.

5. Satan's Little Helper (2004)

The story of a little boy obsessed with his video game "satan's little helper" meets a serial killer dressed as Satan on Halloween and becomes his helper as they go on a murder spree through the small town. There's a lot of dark humor in this movie since the kid just thinks the murders are pretend for most of the movie. One notable thing about this movie is that instead of being filmed like a horror film usually is, this film employs a lot of bright colors and an almost cheerful feel to it contrasting the much darker content. I personally love this movie and the mask is certified bad ass, besides if you've never seen Satan and a little boy mow down old people and pregnant women with a shopping cart you haven't truly lived.

If you don't mind spoilers, you can check out this video of the films kills.

4. Grave Encounters (2011)

  not cool....just not cool
not cool....just not cool

This is by no means the most original film and is another in a long line of " found footage" horror films. It follows the story of a Paranormal Investigation team who investigate an old psychiatric hospital for their reality TV show. The movie has obtained a cult following and even got a sequel in 2012. What really sets this movie apart is that they don't make you wait until the end for any kind of action and once it picks up it really keeps going. There is some pretty unsettling imagery nestled in this 95 minutes that might just stay with you long after the viewing.

Check out the trailer here

3. Slither (2006)

  Everyone likes a relaxing bath after a long day
Everyone likes a relaxing bath after a long day

Another amazing movie that never quite got the attention it deserved. Slither tells the story of an alien who wants to take over Earth with an army of parasitic slugs that control the brains of their hosts and make them part of an even larger creature. The practical effects in this movie are awesome and sometimes downright disgusting. The movie is full of great scenes and is actually pretty hilarious featuring some of the best one-liners that I've seen in a horror movie for awhile.

And here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure

2. Dolls (1987)

  Every kid needs a teddy bear
Every kid needs a teddy bear

This brilliant little classic predates even Chucky and the Puppet Master franchises when it comes to the killer toy genre. The toys in this movie are mostly antique toys and are not even evil but will kill if they need to ( and oh they do). The Classic doll Punch is even featured and this isn't even his first horror movie cameo. I was hooked by the teddy bear scene at the beginning. You may never look at toy makers the same way again. Highly recommended for fans of 80's horror. Scream Factory is planning a special edition blu-ray release of this this fall.

And here's the trailer

1. Stitches (2012)

  This isn't your grandmas bozo the clown
This isn't your grandmas bozo the clown

Another movie that I'm shocked about the amount of people who have never heard of this genius little film. Stitches is about a clown who is accidentally killed at a kids birthday party by the little brats and returns from the dead years later to exact his revenge. Over the top gore in parts and a demented sense of humor make this one of the best B-movies made in years and the film really speaks for itself and is sure to leave everybody happy.

But perhaps the trailer will persuade you more:

And there you have it folks!


What movie do you want to see the most?


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