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Season three of Arrow is coming up very soon (although not soon enough for this fan!), and the new fall season seems like it is going to be packed with new characters. Brandon Routh will be appearing as Atom/Ray Palmer, J R Ramirez has been cast as Wildcat/Ted Grant, and now CW has announced that Charlotte Ross will be joining the show in November.

  Mom? No, don't come visit..I'm fine..
Mom? No, don't come visit..I'm fine..

We don't have a character name yet, or whether she will appear in a flashback or in the present day, but it has been revealed that Ross will be playing Felicity Smoak's mother.

This is really exciting news for fans of the nerdiest member of Team Arrow, as thus far we haven't really learned too much about where Felicity comes from. All we have really gleaned is that she went to MIT, Oliver met her when she was working for the company, and she doesn't talk a lot about her family.

The one thing we know about her mom is that she was a cocktail waitress in Vegas (which also goes a way to explaining Felicities comfort with casinos and history counting cards). Ross definitely has the perfect look to play the stereotypical Vegas cocktail waitress, and I wonder if that means that we will be seeing flashbacks of Felicity's upbringing. I would love to see both - the return of her mother in the present day causing her to talk about her past, which would be shown in flashbacks.

I cannot wait to see a Felicity backstory, especially because the writers can do essentially anything they want with it. The name is borrowed from a character who appeared in the Firestorm series, but the two don't really have anything in common except the moniker. Because she is, in essence, created for the show, we could see absolutely anything happen with her.

It looks like Felicity is going to be absolutely pivotal this season, with a story arc called "the secret origin of Felicity Smoak", as well as a relationship with Oliver and the inevitable complicated romantic situation when Barry Allen returns (and some hints at an entanglement with Ray Palmer).

What else could be going on with Felicity's origin story, and how might it affect her relationship with Oliver? We'll find out starting October 8th.


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