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*UPDATE: I decided to change this article a bit because with some more thought I decided I wasn't happy with a couple of my choices, and the people I chose were just lazy writing. So there are two new people on this list, my choice for Shazam and Flash.*

So what I wanted to do was share my top choices of people to play the tittle characters in the next few movies in the DC Cinematic Universe. We already have a Batman, Superman! And Wonder woman. (Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot respectively) What we don't have is a Shazam, Sandman, Flash, or Green Lantern. So first off my top choice for Shazam.

Mark Wahlberg- Shazam

Now of course if I was pretty much anybody else I would've put Dwayne the Rock Johnson. However, I am not most people and I really don't want the Rock to play Shazam. For me I just can't see him play that role. However, I'd love to see the Rock a Black Atom.

As to why I chose Wahlberg. First of he can definitely be physically big enough to play Shazam, just look how buff he got for Pain and Gain. However, the biggest reason is because he's a funny guy (He's a comedian in most of his movies). And he has the star power to make the movie a success. And Captain Marvel is a child in an adult body, something I think Wahlberg could pull off very easily.

Just to prove my point, here's how huge he is:

Bonus Billy Batson Casting!

Check out my other article to see my top three child actors to play Billy Batson.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Sandman

  Joseph comparison
Joseph comparison

Although Joseph Gordom-Levitt will be directing the film, I think hen would make an excellent choice to play Sandman. Through his recent performances we can clearly versitaility, and his appearance also helps. Levitt has the chops needed to pull off the character and I think he can bring that edginesses and mystery we're all looking for.

Jensen Ackles- Flash (Wally West)

  Jensen in his promotional shot for Supernatural.
Jensen in his promotional shot for Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles is probably best known for his role in the TV show, Supernatural. He plays Seen Winshester, a "hunter", who is kinda like a superhero. Ackles was also on Days of our Lives, for which he was nominated several Daytime Emmy awards. He has also played a DC character before, in that he voiced Red Hood in the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood. He also played Jason Teaque on Smallville. So that's three DC/WB projects he has worked on, which means he would be likely to be cast in another DC/WB project. Ackles also looks the part of a Wally West.

Now I choose Wally West as the Flash for 2 reasons. 1) It has been rumored that's the direction WB is going. 2) I have high hopes for Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and I'd much prefer, despite the universe been different, there only be 1 Barry Allen at a time.

Dennis Haysbert - Green Lantern (Jon Stewart)

Probably best known for his role as President David Palmer on the television 24, Haysbert is a very talented actor. To me having Haysbert as Jon Stewart would be an amazing choice. He has the looks, then acting skills, can play the personality, and he has the right physical frame. Haysbert is the one person on this list who I would most like to have in a DCCU movie, and the role of Jon Stewart would be perfect for him. And then accounting for his age difference with Redmayne, it would create a great contrasting and complimentary duo for team up movie.

So what do you think? Any of these actors in the DCCU?

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