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Upcoming FOX-Fall TV series Gotham seems to be really packing in the comic book characters, with the announcement of another casting. This time, it's David Zayas (of Expendables and Dexter fame) coming in as Sal Maroni, head of the Maroni crime family.

Sal Maroni is best known for his part in turning Harvey Dent into Two-Face, and as the producers have already announced that we will see Harvey Dent, does this mean that they will be including that storyline in the show?

The Harvey Dent that will be introduced has been revealed to be older, around Gordon's age, so there is absolutely the possibility of running with this story arc. However, I think that this would seriously annoy a lot of the comic-book fans, many of whom are already upset about some of the inconsistencies in the ages of characters. Bruce Wayne looks to be the youngest of the cast, and with Ed Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot already adults, there are some definite continuity problems to be worked around.

There is also the issue of bringing in too many characters at once. At this point, we have Mooney and Cobblepot (and now Sal) on the mobster side, Selena Kyle, Ivy Pepper, Ed Nygma, hints at the Joker, Harvey Dent, Dr Hugo Strange and Mr Freeze as villains, plus Alfred, and of course Wayne himself, and that's before we even get to the cops that are supposed to be the focus of the show. Phew!

Questions about the sheer volume of characters and what they might mean aside, it is worth noting that Zayas is definitely well cast. He has the perfect look to pull of a mob boss, and with our other mobster (Fish Mooney) looking less-than-stereotypical, it's nice to see a classic gangster coming in to the show as well.

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Is Gotham bringing in too many characters?


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