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You've made a terrible mistake.

With the leaked Deadpool test footage making its way around the web, a major concern for many is if the possible film will get a PG-13 rating. While I am not exactly hoping for a PG-13 film, a few users on Reddit commented about how it could work.

If it's the violence that would put it over, then as Rob Liefeld said recently, don't show blood and you're fine. Wolverine is constantly slicing and dicing, but you don't see much blood, so his movies are PG-13.

Another user talked about how Deadpool can acknowledge that he is being censored.

It would be pretty funny on screen seeing Deadpool try to curse but get bleeped then seeing him confused and start bleeping all around leaving the viewer to guess what he was saying to the camera.

I personally would love to see an R rated Deadpool movie but if it was PG-13 and it was done right, then its close enough. The censorship joke could work in a R rated film as well. A friend of mine thought it would be cool if Deadpool was so angry about the censorship he could go to the MPAA and kill everyone as an indicator in the corner changes from PG-13 to R.


How would you guys feel about a PG-13 version of Deadpool?


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