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Patrick Ian Moore


At the end of January I was fortunate enough to attend The Grammys Tribute to the Beatles at the LA Convention Center. I was working as Jeff Bridges’ seat-filler so I got to be front row and center. It was amazing and very inspirational. After that I was listening to a lot of The Beatles and could not hear Rocky Raccoon enough, even though no one ever played it at the show. Since I’m such a long time/hardcore comic book fan I was already very excited about Guardians of the Galaxy! I’d loved Rocket Raccoon as a kid and was genuinely quite excited about seeing him in a film. Those two ideas came together nicely and I wrote “The Ballad of Rocket Raccoon”.

My friend Juli Crockett is the most talented musician I know and she’s always collaborating with other great people. I sent her the lyrics and just said it was to the tune of The Beatles song. They got creative with it and we were able to release it during the San Diego Comic-Con and in time for the movie! The lyrics really tell the history of Rocket Raccoon leading up to when he joins The Guardians of the Galaxy and it's all accurate according to the Marvel Universe.

Bass & Effects: Joey Maramba

Vocals: Danny Graziani & Juli Crockett

Lyrics by Patrick Ian Moore.

Patrick Ian Moore is the illustrator of ‘Vampyre: Castle of the Undead’ (published by Universal Studios) and is the creator of ‘Comic Book Live’ the “Nerdtastic” improv comedy show.


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